Party Panda Pirates Preview – Mario Party Goes To Sea

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Join a crew of eye-masked pirates and sail across the seas to find parties and treasure! Face different challenges as you warm up yer paws for this family party game.

Slide your panda pirate meeple from the giant turtle-boat at the center of the Sea board to land on the islands of the Avian Archipielago and gain a coin for landing in the center of an island.

After that, pick a Party card to trigger a minigame. The better you play minigames, the more coins you get at the end. Minigames range from different mechanics; from dexterity-based to memory, luck or area movement. Some minigames are free for all, others by teams or even 1-vs-many.

Before every minigame, all players try to guess who will win or lose. Correct guesses will earn a coin.

At the end of the round, players move their character in the Treasure Hunt board and try to find a buried chest (Victory points).

After 6 rounds, the game ends and players may spend coins to get more chests. The player with the most chests wins!

Join the most festive crew of the seas and participate in challenges of all kinds that will bring you unforgettable memories and friends. Sail along the cheerful crew of Party Panda Pirates!

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0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:15 – Overview
0:07:30 – Summary

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  1. My baby sister and I were just talking about how we played Mario Party a lot back in the day.

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