Pavlovian Response

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  1. Lol huh, scrolling down doesn’t do anything unless it’s a short. Someone is lying here. Your video still plays even if scrolling down.

  2. Short form content is going to ruin this world.. i cant wait to see corporate entities use tiktok/youtube shorts to do training videos..

  3. You are now programming natural instincts too, wow!

  4. I'm so used to watching you in shorts that I accidentally threw all my pants away.

  5. Wow, I really feel like leaving a negative comment on this one, I hope you don't delete it

  6. On this day, Thor has found the secret recipe to generate content farms

    Create Shorts…of comments ABOUT SHORTS

  7. Lol I use Pavlov’s methods on my coworkers 😂

  8. I have an addon called "Better Youtube Shorts" that has an auto-scroll feature. It really turns this place into a brain-mushifier.

  9. Well, at least he waited till the end of your sentence before…trying to scroll your shorts off? 🤨

  10. You've poped out of nowhere in my feed for some obscure reasons. It's been a regular thing for a week or two.

    Dang it, I'll subscribe. Maybe for once the algorithm gave me a useful recommendation

  11. Sometimes when i watch a movie at the theater i get the urge to hit the arrow key and skip 10 seconds ahead

  12. using Remove Youtube Shorts plugin so I don't have this problem

  13. Made me smile pretty dumb, the way you sound when you get excited really reminds me of reckful keep it up bud

  14. Honestly, i sometimes do the same thing when i catch the stream in the morning

  15. I do that all the time, but the worst is a short that still had a second left and i miss the reveal

  16. First short in 2/3 weeks? Anyone else

  17. funnier when you think he usually wears pants

  18. I've done this so many times on other shorts too where I THINK they're finished but they still had some bit left

  19. Leaving this comment here for the algorithm

  20. A lot of people commenting about how Thor dropped out of their feed and siddenly came back with this short. I thought it was just a personal algo thing for me that caused him to stop showing up for a week or so didnt know it was the same for others

  21. Wait what is this guys account name? Or is it the poster and I’m just being dumb😅😅😅😅

  22. To combat the conditioning I have watched this short on repeat for 3 hours straight.

  23. haha i recently showed up in your live from shorts as well…assuming I am one of many this is funny sh*t

  24. I keep liking youtube videos by double clicking, which makes the video smaller hahahaha

  25. Watching your streams feels like watching a long compilation of your shorts

  26. Weird, I've only ever seen you in a shirt, never seen your other clothes.

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