Perfect Form

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  1. U know what we call this in the industry? Hey im a cringe guy in glasses i was bullied ij school and now i got an audience of people who ar cringe and gay as me

  2. Happy New Year to you. I wish you all the best in everything you do

  3. in the game im making a got a few moment like this of ''i dont want to animate this'' and i made make sense/be funny like this. like a plant created by god that you only need to put in the right soil and say a sentence and it instently grow.. but like 1 frame fully grown and the character react to it ''i know it said instantly but i wasn't expecting that''

  4. Last day before the holidays animation: yeet

  5. But then, things like that make it memorable. Animation? Nah, boring. Just yeet the character off the screen, we won't need them anywhere in the story anyway!

  6. Honestly not that bad, and the sound makes it funny

  7. Informative! Gotta love some cooking science.

  8. No Sht games are so ass nowadays man nothing good call of duty poopoo 💩 I mean everybody is literally dropping the ball

  9. I mean the only other thing he could have done is walking off screen to the north. Surely that's easier than what they did.

  10. I think if it didn’t have sound it would’ve been less funny, but the fact it that it has him screaming throws me.

  11. I think Toby fox uses that trick a little too much.

  12. You favor breathing to one side, you may have an obstruction preventing you from breathing properly causing you to pull one side of your face

  13. You have to write the name of those games you play

  14. A 'yeet' sound and It would have been excellent

  15. Games need more literal cop-outs like Monty python.

  16. The first time I saw Thor's logo, I'm ashamed to say I thought it was Pirates of Tware, tware being Tupperware. So for a minute, Thor was Captain of the Pirates of Tupperware.

  17. Bro got yeeted with them nitrome animation

  18. Reminds me of Harvey’s Eyes when one of the characters lampshades how they’re never shown walking off screen, they just appear on the next set

  19. Judges?

    Judge 1: 10
    Judge 2: 10
    Judge 3: 10

  20. Exactly what happened with the last woman I spoke to! Strange coincidence!

  21. Reminds me of using Fly in Pokemon
    I dont wanna walk or ride a bike all the way there, yeet

  22. i dont care whether your mind allows you to believe me or not but your a good person and to me i dont care whos better or worse than you because your you and i couldnt be happier knowing you for who you are. thanks for being you bro

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