Phillies vs. Pirates Game Highlights (7/30/22) | MLB Highlights

Phillies vs. Pirates full game highlights from 7/30/22, pres. by @Modelo USA

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  1. This offense continues to really have some problems, but the pitching is as strong as ever. Knebel was just perfect tonight. A very ugly win, but a win nonetheles.

    Thanks to the Nationals win tonight, the Phils have some insurance; a 1-game advantage over the Cardinals for the final wild card spot. Hoping for a sweep tomorrow to keep that insurance in tact.

  2. Phillies looking pretty good tonight imagine what will happen when there fully healthy

  3. PHI with 4 straight wins. Like I've been saying are not that same team they were earlier this season. It's going to be a war for that final WC spot in the NL. Congrats on the win PHI 👍.

  4. Wow doesn’t show Cruz getting picked off by knebel, that one move changes most of the inning might have scored a run if he stayed awake and didn’t get picked off

  5. The Philadelphia Phillies are 54-47🔴⚪️🔵🔔

  6. Letssssss Gooooooo come on y’all keep this going, Smash the 🔔 🔔🔔

  7. Great win for the Phillies. The Pirates baserunning was awful.

  8. Haven’t seen Kenny Albert commentate a game in while. Glad he’s back.

  9. Great win for the Phils JT getting the party started with the solo shot was awesome Vierling moving Didi over and good job by Didi taking advantage of the throwing error to score the run Ranger did great going 6 innings not giving up any runs and good job by the pen only giving up one run all in all great series win for the boys

  10. Nice week after getting swept by the Cubs after coming off of vacation… keep it up!

  11. Take 'em as we get ;em (puffing an Oliva Series V…I have to make a cigar run). Pirates were in all three so far

  12. I like the unbiased broadcast team. Keeps me on my toes

  13. Hoooooo Ranger Suarez , can u say gold glover , how abt new no.2 this guy is relentless on the mound w location best change-up I've seen in awhile , he's back n wait till this guy gets a shot in the playoffs ice cold killer on the mound ,

  14. as a Philly fan that pirates play was the best defensive play I've seen all year

  15. 🏟 nobody can equal me 👑🏆29 111 hello 📞💼🌹☕️ great win boys on to the next 1 I bought the girls up my 🇮🇹 girls they loved the game👠👠👠👠👠👠 thank them🎩☕️ Lionel 111👑🔑🏟

  16. The weirdest win by the Phillies all season. But a good win by the Phillies. Also something for the Pirates. They need to teach Cruz more. Kid could be a beast but he's making so many silly rookie mistakes.

  17. O’Neil Cruz getting picked by Knebel should be on here

  18. We need a take over of the front office of MLB a wiffle ball runner in extra innings I'm about done with baseball if the rules continue to bend all because their afraid some 20 something year old or the teens who spend half the game looking at their phones anyhow (no matter what the speed of the game is played at) will not have any interest I don't t know if they've looked around in a while but MLB your stadiums aren't as full as they used to be anyhow maybe quit pushing the knife deeper into your own chest by changing the game into something it's not. One angry Baseball fan and Pirates enthusiast.

  19. 4:06: “Schwarber leads the National League in strikeouts this year.” Great idea to bat him lead off with a .204 batting average.

  20. Phillis filadelfia vs pirata🇺🇲🏏⚾️🏴‍☠️

  21. Odubel makes a bad baserunning play and everyone loses their mind.
    Schwarber, Hoskins and vierling do that exact same thing and nobody bats an eye.
    Says a lot

  22. I miss the rivalry the Phillies and Pirates had in the 70's and 80's. Seems like they should be in the same division.

  23. I’m a Bucs fan but the Phillys are legit! Hopefully they represent PA good in the playoffs! Rooting for ya guys!

  24. This BS of the catcher moving a ball back over the plate is disgusting. It's cheating. If I was the ump I tell the catcher you do that and you'll pay the price because you're making my job harder.

  25. That's a nice pitcher the Phillies have in Suarez

  26. The biggest play of this game was the pick off at 2nd of Cruz in the 10th

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