Piracy – How Can the Game Industry Stop Illegal Downloads? – Extra Credits

Neither the game industry nor consumers themselves are entirely justified in their sides of the piracy debate. What business practices can we change to make consumers happy while honoring creators’ copyrights?
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(Original air date: January 19, 2011)

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  1. In egypt people always crack these games because
    1_ the avarge salary in egypt is 5000 egyptian pounds (500 dollers)
    2_we don't wanna waste money

  2. 5:30 Not if you are underage

    what if your parents bought you a console or pc and dont give you any money to get games?

  3. The only games I pirate aren't available outside Japan and the pirated copies come with a fanmade english translation. I still gave money to the dev by buying the manga he wrote cuz that got translated for some reason.

  4. The only reason I did pirating to some games are like playing a demo but I have the whole game then judge if it worth my money and how I judge is: does it have gamebreaking bugs, does it have a compelling story (if it has one), can I even purchase this anymore, does it have many bugs, is it worth my time. Only times I have done none of these are just steam world heist and gta3 on mobile

  5. I love Gaming and I only Have Only a Low end phone. But I still don't pirate games. I only play FTP games.
    And I wanted to Know your stand in emulations. Becouse I don't think emulations are wrong.

  6. do not tangle with the kind of people, who install linux on their play station

  7. Don't force me to pay 60 dollars for a game I already paid for tyvm, where the media has worn out.

  8. the real question is, who would deport you from antarctica? it's one of the most hostile regions, if it was classified as a military structure you can stick just one man with a slingshot and every superpower would consider it a well defended fort just on the fact that summer is brutal like the winter in the most northern of Canada and winter in antarctica is… so much worse, even the most well designed of fortified scientific buildings don't last long there the best thing to do is wait outside and starve them out but because they are non violent and communications needs to be kept for safety the UN can't do much about it

  9. I think it’s alright to pirate a game if the company violates human rights or something close to that. If I could illegally pirate a nestle chocolate bar, I would

  10. My stance on this is this: I'm a teen saving up for a pc. I am probably going to pirate a few games. But when I get a real job and make some good money I will definitely buy those games. I think that is somewhat ok.

  11. US average salary $4000
    México average salary $200 YEAH I LOVE THIS COUNTRY

  12. 1) Just subbed after watching a bunch of these for the first time. These are not only insightful and thought-provoking, they're fun too!
    2) Is it a good look to do a video game piracy episode when you don't actually credit Koji Kondo for using the Slider track from Mario 64?

  13. I did pirate a lot of games on the Nintendo DS with the R4 card, when I was too young to buy games
    And in the end, I became fan of some franchise and studio, and for exemple bough for more than 500€ of games and dlc from Atlus (Etrian Odyssey and Shin Megami Tensei)
    Piracy can help to get more customers, when it's used fairly to test games you can't afford
    I know it's not 100% a good thing, but it has some nice positive side effects

  14. yearly income in usa or other countries: 30k-40k per year
    yearly income in india: around 1500
    in both places games are 60$
    nah, I'm better off pirating.
    to put in some better scenario, think as if you have to buy a game each time with 2000$ in the US, that would be like buying a brand new pc each month. microsoft provides relatively cheaper copies of Microsoft software in China, and we legit buy from there, why not do the same thing? that's how costly it is to us. why not change the price, there is a reason lots and lots of players only buys game from Argentina server, because they can at least afford those somewhat..
    and on top of that, steam or other digital platform only accepts international debit/credit card. probably not even 0.5% of the population even has them. so even when you "have" the money to buy it legit with full price, you can't. its available but you can't.

  15. tmw when you have so little money that you can't even pirate decently old games because your pc can barely run a browser half the time

  16. This video still holds up it's argument after 9years

  17. I think this type of piracy is an inherent flaw within digital media as a whole. Just like how many people argue communism doesnt work because of its inherent flaws relative to humans, what if digital piracy is simply an inherent flaw in the medium itself?

  18. U can pirate and pay later. You clearly don't understand that part

  19. I hate those government they never let enjoy poor
    Rich is everything

  20. You know what you're right, I'll try and not pirate. No promises tho

  21. an interesting note to the "recreating the useability promised" is an Australian law that dictates if a game is only playable online, the (I think they state manufacturer, but it might be producer) MUST provide a way for an ordinary player to create their own server, so that if the servers ever do go dark, they still have the playability they paid for

    I still don't pirate unless a company has actively indicated they'd rather I just don't consume their media than pay for it… looking at you Warner Brothers. (Tried to buy a series from them up front – they wouldn't send to my country, and when I made it over there a few years later they screwed up the delivery of my order in just about every way it is possible to screw an order barring sending the wrong items, costing me the price of the items again to get shipped after me)

  22. The only good use for piracy is playing unacecible games either due to age or country exclusivity

  23. The only game i've ever pirated and am still pirating is minecraft because for some reason when my dad tried to buy the game for me, uhh, it for some reason just wouldnt let us buy it. I dont know the exact details all i know is that the website was bugging out, weird.

  24. This didnt age well. All these future games are shit. Shouldve been pirating from the get go.

  25. I’m not going to pay 600 or whatever to play crusader kings

  26. It's also fun when the paid version makes you download a patch that breaks the game (looking at you Crysis 2).

  27. I'm saving as much money as I can, in case I have to replace my PC, so I buy games rarely and on heavy discounts (which isn't so bad because I try to get the most out of them). There's also an inflation happening where I live, so I'm afraid the prices will get higher and higher.

  28. if games pirates could buy games they would -end of the story

  29. I would like to add one more to the list and that would be currency exchange rates 1 usd = 10 Turkish lira so when my friends in America are paying 20 dollars for minecraft I'm paying 200 also you can get computer parts for relatively cheap now (I'm not talking about decent gaming rig More like Intel core 2 quad territory) so you can get gaming in the cheap

  30. This level of bootlicking is embarrassing. "Let's just equate indie devs with corporations, because they want to eat too 🙁 just write to nintendo and complain, they'll listen!" "if you have a game console, I'm just gonna assume you can buy games straight out of my asshole. and if you can't, play other games u filthy thief, you don't deserve to play the game you want to play"

  31. I moderate an abandonware community and still come back to the points you guys make sometimes. Damn good video.

  32. Piracy is based and I will not stop doing it

  33. That bit about online DRM aged like milk. See also: Ubisoft

  34. What about games that was free but aren't free now

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