Piracy – How Can the Game Industry Stop Illegal Downloads? – Extra Credits

Neither the game industry nor consumers themselves are entirely justified in their sides of the piracy debate. What business practices can we change to make consumers happy while honoring creators’ copyrights?
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(Original air date: January 19, 2011)

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  1. me: complains about having a shitty laptop
    also, me: hears him say that a machine that can run modern games is a luxury item


    But in EAs case its surprise giveaway

  3. In argentina some games are hard to buy out of steam and i pirate some times but wen i can, i buy them

  4. I mean I pirate games to try them and if i like them i buy them finally, i've bought a lot of games this way

  5. We already sacrifice the multiplayer we simply can not afford the games and they already make way to much money

  6. can't afford a legal copy of microsoft office,or windows,do you really think that i am gonna buy games.people upstairs should do that not me

  7. I will never pay for games over 10 bucks they are just 30 minute amusement, so basically I pirate 99% of my games

  8. See the thing is pirating games is for some people the only way they can play those games a game that costs in America 60$ in the Balkans also costs 60$ now 60$ for a game is a lot that's like 12 meals for a game maybe even more if they made the game cheeper in some regions like the Balkans people would buy the game

  9. If there is a game you want to play that has been out for a few years and steam is still charging damn near full price, go ahead and pirate. If you like the sims ut don't want to pay $20 minimum for each dlc and there are several YEARRRRS after the dlc has been released… pirate. When we can only buy digital now and are still being asked to pay near launch day price, yup… pirate.

  10. “Current-gen DRM just doesn’t work”
    laughs in Denuvo in P4G

  11. Piracy is justified for the most part, they promise but don't deliver. Giving us garbage and expect us to pay 60$… don't forget DLC's

  12. I can't speak for games, but in the app world, piracy has been a net positive for me. Many, many years ago, back when I was still making and selling my own software, I decided to try something "crazy" and release my own app on torrent sites, with a working product key and everything. Lots of people used it, my forums gained a bunch of new participants, and my sales went up after a month. People were discovering my work through the pirate sites and some liked it so much that they bought a proper license. It was the cheapest form of marketing I'd ever tried and it worked very well, so I kept on doing it.

    I boiled it down to a pithy little catchphase: "Pirates are the oldest and largest social network on the internet".

  13. I only pirate because my mom says no a lot

  14. You really can't stop illegal downloading. There's always going to be people who are willing to crack pesky DRM and offer a cracked game to people who either won't buy the actual game or can't afford to buy.

  15. How many of us buy pre-owned? How is that any different?

  16. Buying a $60 game when the normal wage is $800 is unreasonable.

  17. Olso people here buy a console or pc parts 2-3 years after release.

  18. Not sure how you could get flamed on this one. I barely game anymore though…so insert grain of salt. Love the channel keep up the good work.

  19. Don't stop piracy unless you want less people buying your media, just saying

  20. A lot of people who pirate usually end up buying the game

  21. I usually pirate games, then if they're good, I buy them.

  22. 5:20
    U WHAT?????
    Russian people are "too poor" too! And we thought that U were rich!

  23. I pirated hearts of iron but couldn’t get any mods from steam workshop so I ended up doing chores to get money so I could buy the actual version from steam

  24. 0:54 Is that a Master Lock?
    If you've watched LockPickingLawyer for like an hour you know that they are weak AF

  25. I’d like to make an argument that piracy can also be justified for “I bought this game in the past, but my physical copy was stolen/has gone missing/can’t be run on the hardware I have”. For example, I recently downloaded a DS emulator and some ROMs for older Pokémon games, which I had copies of when I was younger, but which have since either gone missing thoroughly enough that I can’t find them, or which were stolen when I was much younger.

  26. Shutting down servers would appear less jerky if they would publicise the code and allow this party servers

  27. When publishers remove free trials and demos, pirates will fill the void

  28. Where I live, literraly everyone, including me, pirates games, because we don't have access to legitimate publishers.
    We don't have stuff like Gamestop, or anything like that, we all play pirated games because we don't have access to anywhere legitimate to buy games.
    They are super cheap where I live, because you might a well wipe your ass with our paper money, if you don't pirate yourself.
    I wish we could buy them but we can't.

  29. honestly it's not all that different from buying a preowned copy. in both cases you get the game without giving any money to the publisher or dev of the titel. you simply get someone elses copy. (or you make a copy of their copy)

  30. Ok so I want to play cubeivore on my GameCube that game is over 200$ I think pirating that game specifically is justified or pirating because your disc died

  31. I was born in Hong Kong and there is mostly only jp imports and since i dont know japanese the only logical solution is piracy.

    that was until the switch released with their non region lock.

  32. The one thing to destroy the 0-pound budget one:
    It's able to provide anything, from game development to… …playing games?

  33. Here in Brazil Minecraft is ~R$125 and Civilization 6 with all DLCs in Steam is ~R$300 even with the current promotion. Not accounting the console games that usually the pure game without DLCs reach R$250 – R$300 or even more.

  34. If the company doesn’t care about the consumer, the consumer shouldn’t care about the company

  35. thank you for this video i live in south africa and all the games i want were only released in 2012 which is the most recent game on my list if i would have to drive to pawn shops i would spent so much money on petrol(gas) that i would be spending R250 (15 dollars) on a R50 (3 dollars) game. thanks for making me feel better. ill sub now

  36. "I understand that you may be angry, or raised in a bad neighborhood, or have mental health issues, but please don´t murder people"

    If you believe that bad morality is the reason behind pirating, which you consider a bad deed, do you really think that a youtube video featuring a cartoon will make immoral people change their ways?

    I see it this way. You have two shops. In one, everything is free, in another one you pay for everything, but you feel good for supporting the developer. That is literally the only advantage. And there are zero bad consequences of going to the first shop.

    I see people who go to the second shop the same as I see people who do charity. Like, good for you, I get the moral argument behind it, but don´t act like you know better what other people should do with their money. That is none of your business.

  37. At least they ain't being like
    Piracy note, and here's the full ass game lol for free your pirate

  38. I would love to see a more detailed guide to sorting through the detritus to find good, free games.

  39. Step A: stop making 200 dollars worth of dlc

  40. What about if you pirate a game because your hard copy was stolen or as a demo and then buy a legit copy for the updates and DLC? They technically still got your money once even though you are now technically using an illegal copy….

  41. 2012: hey man please don’t do that. Ok?
    2020: S C A R T H E M

  42. İ am in the "too poor" but i am not pirating AAA games because my pc cant handle them… İn my country montly salary is 400$ and a game is 60-90 dollar.

  43. I pirate games cuz I can't afford since my parents never lemme buy games

  44. no matter what u say piracy wont stop there will always be people who gonna pirate

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