Pirate 150 In 1 NES Games On Gameboy Advance Review And Showcase

Infamous 150 In 1 NES Games On Gameboy Advance Review And Showcase

In this video, we take a look at the infamous 150 in 1 Cart for the Gameboy Advance. Below I put a link to an amazon listing where you can pick up a similar game. Let me know in the comments below what you think of this little pirate rom cart?? Emulation at it’s best??

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150 In Nes Classics On Gameboy Advance GBA Amazon Link:

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  1. I just got my cartridge today and I'm wondering how to save my games

  2. So with the cheats function, would I lookup gameshark, game genie codes?? The cheats ain’t labeled so no idea what I’m looking at

  3. Hey now that some time has passed would you still recommend it?

  4. I found one of these local to me. I’m thinking about getting it.

  5. I have one of these and I’m getting a game boy player for my GameCube. I’m wondering if it will work since it isn’t an officially licensed nintendo cartridge.

  6. Yeah, I have one of these carts. It's great addition to the collection. I also have an Everdrive for GBA which will also let you play NES ROMS on it.

  7. Im jealous of that GBA, my ds lite has a loose hinge and made it bit hard to record anything.

  8. Seems like a pretty good value for $20. I say why not

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