Pirate Drama Game // Kids English Theatre

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Ahoy there pirates!

This physical warm-up game aims to help children release their energies and become familiar with action verbs and prepositions – an alternative to Simon Says.

List of instructions to give to your young shipmates:

Swim: (mime action) make swimming movements
Pirates: stand on one leg and cover one eye
Captain’s coming: everyone makes a straight line and salutes
Jellyfish: shake the body
Crabs: with your hands on the floor, walk sideways
Shark (NOT to be mistaken with shock): find a friend, hug them, and shout HELP!
Left: run to left side of room and touch the wall
Right: run to right side of room and touch the wall
Front: run forward and touch the wall
Back: run back and touch the wall
Clean: scrub the floor
Climb: pretend to climb the ship’s mast
Eat: sit and pretend to eat a sandwich
Drink: sit and pretend to drink

The fun starts as you call out the instructions faster and faster.

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  1. Thanks a lot . It will be really useful in my next lesson about letter Pp .

  2. Your enery is gorgeous! Thanks, it's awesome!

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