Pirate Era X : All Devil Fruit Showcase | New Roblox One Piece Game

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captain maui


  1. Am I the only one who can’t see the game link

  2. Pirate era 1 was already underrated I hope this game doesn’t end up the same

  3. maui im quick to comment whens eternal peice coming to xbox

  4. The fruits were mid but the animations were crazy

  5. Pls give me dark blade and dough and loe and dragon and soul and venom and buddha and notifyer my user:francowasfound12 add me

  6. Go to the last pirates trello there's a document on it.

  7. Gam move are just like rubber before and after revamp but they look better , no one can disagree right.

  8. bomb has bakugo moves from my hero lol nice. would love to see this game add fruits that other games dont have like candle and magnet

  9. Bro this game is a knockoff of both GPO and Blox Fruits

  10. Love your vids man keep up the good work!

  11. They should name the rename the game "If Gpo And Blox Fruits had a baby:"

  12. Bomb looks like nezuko blood demon art on project slayer ngl

  13. Am I trippin or is Bomb just a copy off Nezuko's blood demon art in Project Slayers

  14. man said blox fruits for explosive mines

  15. They really copy pasted project slayer explosion. Yet another game that will fail since it doesn’t distinguish itself from the competition in any way

  16. Ngl ice fruit on one piece games are mid except for pixel piece i like ice fruit on that game

  17. Game is real good but some fruit need add more skill

  18. Bro for bomb i just wanna say look at bomb in gpo and also gpo got the target bomb and the mines first

  19. Gpo knockoff.. From islands ( literally the starting island , quest ) to attacks from most fruits. Oh my


    legit looks like a budget gpo 😭

  21. bomb's moveset is literally nezuko's bda from project slayers

  22. vashuly coppies gpo liek most oen piece game now a day.

  23. the game is so dogshit they have to steal skills from other games lmfao

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