PiRATE FAMiLY lost at SEA!! Adley finds a Beach & Magic Treasure Map! Floor is Lava pretend play ☠️

SOS another PiRATE iSLAND adventure with my Mom and Dad!! can we escape?!


HEY EVERYBODY!! Our Pirate Family went on a voyage out to sea to find some more treasure but there was a problem on board! Someone forgot to put out a candle and it sunk our ship! Luckily we had some rowboats ready so that we could make it safely to shore!! We found land and we decided to name the place pirate island! To make sure we had a good time we had to do something to help us out! The first things we had to do was to find shelter, hide our gold, find food, and find some island friends! Mom, Dad, and I found a secret cave that we could put all of our stuff in and sleep in for the night! When we woke up the next day we felt refreshed and we needed to find some food! Luckily there were fruits and veggies all over the island that we could snack on! When we were out gathering food we found some island friends! A snake, monkeys, and a baby unicorn that must of drifted from unicorn island! While we took care of them Dad found a treasure map that could lead us to a boat and then we could get off the island! We followed the map and it led us to a tunnel that we had to cross but it was filled with Lava!!! We had to be careful and try not to touch the floor!! It was a challenge but we survived! After a long day’s work, we finally found the boat that could lead us back home!!

my last video – 3 MILE HiKE with Adley & Dad!! Backpack in Mountains morning routine, whats inside my camping bag!

my dad’s last video – NiKO & ADLEY find a FiSH!! Beach Day on the 4th with Family and a rescue mission to unicorn island!

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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