PIRATE GAME! 12 Days of Kohdokmas #2

#Christmas #tabletopgaming

Time for a Pirate Game. Also Zombies.

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  1. Omg, the music from Sly Cooper 3!! Awesome❤

  2. I didn't know one piece had a card game, but now I'm interested to see what kind of game it is.Unfortunately for me I only see card games on this channel, and you don't sound very interested in making the videooh well, this game looks interesting too

  3. To me the biggest problem that the one piece card game is that the player going first is sorta screwed, only one resource, no draw for turn, and no attacking your opponent. This is something I have dubbed "first turn punishment"

  4. OPTCG si just cashgrab from it's IP. Thanks for the vídeo Kohdok!

  5. Kohdok: Pirates vs. zombies is a plot idea that seems ten years out of date.
    Me, who just a week or two ago thought about how pirates vs. zombies could be a cool story for a TTRPG: ah fuck

  6. I was about to say that this game reminds me of munchkin when you suddenly said it 😅

  7. Talking about One Piece can wait until supply catches up with demand in a couple months. Not much point in selling people on product they can't buy right now.

  8. I hope you do a video on the One Piece TCG. I'm a huge fan of the manga but everything I've seen of the game so far doesn't fill me with confidence.

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