Pirate Games Keep Failing

Why are Pirate Games Never Good? These are a few of the reasons i think they just flat out suck in the last few years. Heres hoping that one day a solid pirate game comes out, and i can grind tf outta it. But until then ill keep brushing them under the rug

What do you think? Let me know down below!

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  1. Sea of Thieves woulda been good if you could actually upgrade the ship instead of just getting skins that dont do anything

  2. Then you must make the better one 😂 rather than complaining like a little kid

  3. skull & bones horrible. i wanted to like it.. i gave it a good try, its not a good game. Sea of Thieves is great though, i don't care that much about graphics and realism, just as long as the gameplay is fun.

  4. So hehe
    iam kinda stoned, and just until now i noticed that you are talking about pirate games and not like the stolen content/torrent stuf. etc.:D

  5. I took the "black flag was the most boring of all assassin's creed" bit personally…

  6. To avoid repetitiveness, sprinkling more stuff to do in the world that provide new gameplay loops like insect hunting, more unique mythic bosses that rarely spawn but have unique experiences, like a mist creature or night creature that strikes in the dark. Or world bosses you actually need to actively dodge to beat or you will die.

    As for other ideas to avoid repetitiveness, put some tell tales in the world to be discovered, not just seen on a map but you need to be and press a lever to actually start it. This contributes to that "pirate" feel. And make some of them harder.

    Have unique entity (enemy or smth like pig) spawns that are unique to specific islands that match the lore. Not like snake island, but like its an entirely new creature that lives there.

    Make fortresses not all be the same with a reskin. Make some of them stand out entirely by hiding secret chambers below them.

    Implement third party world lore, like mole people having a village below the dirt and you fall down a rabbit hole to find them.

    All this stuff makes the game feel like it might not be so repetitive after all and leaves the person more incentivized to continue playing.

    I post new and unique ideas to contribute to the game feeling less repetitive all the time at the official sea of thieves forums. Best I can do is put the stuff out there, I hope they listen.

  7. sea of thieves and black flag are top tier amazing

  8. Literally what pirate games came out beetwen SOT and the AAAA thing?

  9. Sid Meyer's Pirates is the best open world sandbox pirate game ever made and no one has even come close. Black Flag is kinda there but the game's world is too focused on the dumb Assassins' Creed game instead of just being a pirate game.

  10. Gotta say that I agree. Sea of Thieves had (has?) potential still, but they took it towards a much more specific path. Why is there no custom server option? Makes no sense in a game that lends itself to very unique gameplay but doesn't ever capitalize on it.

    There's a streamer (CDNthe3rd) who made a community game called "Spyrate games" that was an in-house social deception version of SoT that was absolutely INCREDIBLE to watch. The issue is figuring out how to even make it happen when you can't choose what server you're on.

    Overall, I agree a game similar to Rust but pirates could be amazing if they did it right. Imagine SoT but you could build a fort or upgrade your ship to be insane. Imagine a game like Foxhole, but you're a pirate on a ship in a fleet/pirate faction, and you're all trying to conquer the seas from other IRL factions of players in a perpetual war.

    So many options, but they always make it "Look how cool pirates look!" and leave it at that.

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