Pirate games slap 🫸💥


  1. Honestly after that game the only full ubisoft games I'll buy will be AC games, game robbed me of 80 euro it's one big filler mission

  2. You want slapping gameplay go play Hitman 3’s Ambrose Island

  3. It does feel like a slap to the face

  4. Boring like the guys who try to play cards… two guys playing… dropping four times spades 2 card…

    Other people eating air soup from empty soup plates

  5. This game slaps harder then ubis wu lin support in for honor

  6. Me : the next Ubisoft game will be better
    Ubisoft: (slap)

  7. Yes, pireat games do slap. Not this though.

  8. Nobody play ur game except these bots Ubi 😂😂😂

  9. Agressively laughting Peter Griffin scene

  10. Release some proper games without sweet baby inc help and all that other inclusive stuff why do you think your stocks are all time low?

  11. You know what, I'm going to say it.

    Even AC Valhalla got better boat physics feelings than this game, and I also have a copy in my computer that I can play.

  12. Slap fighting isn't really in the game correct? I'm assuming that it is but I find that hard to believe or accept. I have not encountered this but at the same time I haven't spent that much time on land I just go there to collect my quest and craft stuff then I'm back on my ship I don't really meander around so I could have missed it.
    If this is in Skull and Bones, then this is idiotic…. Especially since that game/sport or whatever the hell it's called doesn't even belong in that era. I love Skull and Bones but this feels out of place.

  13. You had a chance to actually make something people would love. And you got lazy and money hungry

  14. Hello Ubisoft, when first new far cry trailer? Cinematic trailer and worldwide trailer?

  15. Is it better than the beta? Cause the beta got boring really quick

  16. If you want to play a good pirate game play Sea of Thieves 😂

  17. Pirate games do slap that’s why I’m waiting till April 30 to have sea of thieves on ps5

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