Pirate Henry Four Fingers. Clicker Game

A cool pirate clicker of the new generation. Pump the pirate even when the game is off. You have never seen anything like this. The pirate game is incredibly interesting and exciting. Choose in which way to develop: sea monster or intergalactic pirate ?!
Develop your crew that will work for you even when you rest. Incredibly simple, but very addictive gameplay which attracts players for months.

What will you find in the game “Henry Pirate Four Fingers. Clicker Heroes“:
– Search for treasures in the seas
– leveling your character through levels
– Different branches of the Pirate’s development
– Hiring a team and joining them in the army
– The game without the Internet. (Offline game clickers)
– Click on the pirate to earn money with upgrades to the character and team.
– You can play for free

The best of the pirate games does not require an internet connection and is very easy in the gameplay. The clicker is a kind of pirate life simulator (improvements of levels, skills and crew), which rises from the bottom and increases its power and wealth. Explore the seas and recruit your crew! To complete all levels will take you a very long time, but a long and constant presence in the game is not necessary at all. Your team will help develop without your participation.

The character is The Pirate Henry Four Fingers, the main character in our clicker. Help him pump and discover new islands to master the world. Pirates have always been popular characters in games and movies. Their lifestyle is much to their liking. The game about the life of a pirate is romance and freedom that everyone likes. Treasure hunt or robbery at sea is the main entertainment of the Pirates.

Be one of the clicker heroes. Start play now!

You can download the game in 1 minute. ArRRRRRR …

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  1. I showed this to my dad and he divorced my mom immediately after that

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