Pirate Hunter – Flash Adventure Game!

A true adventure game, play as the Pirate Hunter and take on whole gangs of mad pirates with special weapons you can find throughout each round of the game.

Each stage of the game features a powerful end boss who won’t be easy to take out. You do have the help of your comrades, but you must protect them as much as they protect you.

You can unleash combo moves to take out multiple enemies in a single attack.


  1. والله ذكريات يا عيال 😂

  2. These type of games are disappearing 😩. Childhood memories

  3. I used to play these games when I was 7 or 8 .Now I'm 15
    Childhood memories

  4. I would like you to put Henry stickmin in the squid game and in your other videos.

  5. Wow. Game Pirate Beat em up, and the good team.

  6. always go back to this game when i want to re feel it! Played it when i was 9 i think, im 16 now

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