Pirate Hunter | Games That Defined Us

We decided to take a peek into our attics and basements to revisit some of the games we loved when we were kids. First up on the block is Encore’s Pirate Hunter: Seize and Destroy, or as it was known in Europe, Tortuga: Pirates of the New World.

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  1. It doesn't help that Wikipedia lists the game as "Pirate Hunter" and then lies that the game was GOING TO BE called Tortuga but the title was changed to Pirate Hunter in development !Anyway, Ubisoft would have done well to reference this game for Skull and Bones ! It's THE definitive version of Sid Meier's Pirates.

  2. Thanks for video. Why did you use Russian version footage?

  3. Interesting games list from childhood, The Hulk adventure game TI-99, Biorhythms TI-99Impossible Mission, Airborne Ranger, Raid on Bungling Bay, The Last Ninja, Conquered Kingdoms, Fantasy Empires (D&D), Wasteland, Pool of Radiance, Times of Lore, Commodore 128

  4. Hey friend! I just saw your Dwarf Fortress video from november 2019; it was pretty cool and I'm looking forward to watching the series tonight. Your channel deserves more attention.

  5. Great stuff! Looking forward to the next episode.

  6. Reminds me a lot of Sid Meier's Pirates! Thanks for the video!

  7. Just decided to re-play Tortuga after playing Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, as they felt so similar in terms of background setting, battle mode and notable references.

    This game is actually quite easy if you got the right trick to fight the dumb AIs – just turn to a crosswind direction and spam chain shots to fast enemies, then use grapeshots, finally board the ship and benefit. It quickly makes the game repetitive and boring (as quick as 3 fights – it literally only takes 2 or 3 fights to get a ship-of-the-line from a schooner), luckily the great graphics and music compensates it.

    And yes, this games runs smoothly in Windows 10. (you might need to install DirectPlay, but I'm not sure if that's a requirement)

  8. This was actually also called Tortuga: Pirates of the New World in Canada, funny enough! At least it was in the 3-pack of games I got as a kid. The other two games included were Port Royale 2, and Patrician III: Rise of the Hanse. Neat to see a video on a fairly obscure game like this, especially one I played quite a bit when I was young!

  9. My dad and I LOVED this game growing up, I'm 21 now but I used to play it when I was 8/9 years old. I'm thinking of playing it again and making some videos on it potentially because as you rightly pointed it, there's next to no gameplay on it at all and I want to give the game its deserved dues! I reckon I put in the same amount of hours into as you tbh ahaha, shocked that there isn't any gameplay on it on YT

  10. I have been playing Patrician III: Rise of the Hanse ever since it was released. Ascaron made some really addictive games

  11. I LOVED THIS GAME. The best part was trading. The price differentials offered a lot of profit potential. Sugar from Cuba could be sold at Bahamas or Charleston for an excellent profit. Indigo was very profitable as well. And it wasn't just the Caribbean. Also Mobile, New Orleans, and Tampa.

  12. This looks like it took a lot of its inspiration from Sid Meier's Pirates! I really miss Ascaron. Their Sacred 1 & 2 were some of the best arpg's ever made.

  13. lil Johnny Boy and the legend of scooby pete

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