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Join your Facebook friends & millions of other pirates from the 7 seas in the best online pirates game: Pirate Kings! Grow your island and make it the paradise that a pirate of your quality deserves!
Spin the roulette wheel to win cash, steal gold and protect your island from competing pirates, argh! Pirate, join the fun adventure and become the new king of pirate games!

Millions of pirates play fun Pirate Kings games every day – Start Spinning!

Spin the roulette wheel & win prizes.
There is only one thing a pirate loves more than a good battle near the islands and seas: gold! Spin the online roulette and win free coins – a true pirate can never have enough cash! Even more, if you are truly lucky, have fun attacking other pirates’ islands and loot their forbidden treasures and cash. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

Build & grow your islands.
Once you’ve gathered enough cash and own a proper island, start your pirate adventure and explore additional islands! Build castles, put up a statue, decorate, and grow your ship! Pirate, your island is not a game, it is your paradise, defend it, or it will be stolen and destroyed!

Join your mateys!
Your Facebook friends are waiting online to match your pirates’ battle skills – come on board this online multiplayer game and join your fellow islanders! Play a game with your Facebook friends or random players around the world, loot their treasure, steal their gold, and defend your treasure from their attacks. Pirates love to be competitive!

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