Pirate Launch Developer Commentary (& The story of how my Flash game was stolen)

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Pirate Launch has easily been my most successful Flash game. The development time behind it was actually surprisingly short, but was essentially doubled through the dastardly deeds of one particular thief.

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I do my best to share the development and history of Pirate Launch, alongside a proper playthough. There are some stories to be shared of how it all came together, and how it was almost lost entirely! I’m glad to finally share the story, as well as teasing the Pirate Launch 2 that will likely never happen…

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  1. This was YOU? Dude I remember this… My mind is blown rn

  2. Did your nose start bleeding during the video?

  3. hey this game looks actually cute also have you though about playing among us? its super fun

  4. You should try to remake this one day and compare it to the original

  5. I remember playing this on sites like FRIV, but I don't know if it was the stolen one or not

  6. This brings back memories from Andkon.com. I remember this game solely for the soundtrack.

  7. I've never played this game but your story is very interesting

  8. don’t know how this is in my recommended but i enjoyed this video it was cool

  9. I remember playing a game called Learn to Fly that fully resembles this game. Didn’t know that game was based off of this one!

  10. It's really interesting watching something related to flash games, but from someone who made them instead of someone who just played them like most people I watch are. I never made a game, and never even touched flash, so it's really interesting to see the development aspect of all of this.

  11. When will you make
    Finding The References
    Completing The Complex

  12. Its kinda sad that you dont get that many views in your videos

    You really deserve more of them from such good content!
    (eNGliSh iS NoT mY fiRSt LaNGuAgE)

  13. Huh I’m remember playing this a very long time ago to where I don’t know how old I was

  14. Where is all references in fleeing the complex Henry stickmin

  15. What, the people who made Duck Life STOLE your Game?!?! OH MY GOD!!

  16. Huh I have played a lot of launch games like this, toss the turtle, kitten canon, learn to fly, and many many more, this was one of them, i remember playing this one as well, have not won it i dont think, but i know i have played this, as the upgrade menu just trigger the memory of playing it, crazy that you made this

    And it does suck how it was stolen
    Also still upset about flash is not getting updated anymore and kinda dead now, but i still love flash games how much i have played them when i was younger

  17. I finished it(pirate launch) in 30 minutes. Any challengers?

  18. Holy shit, this game. So many memories!

    It's so crazy that even you agree that the first pirate is the best. I was often reluctant to upgrade the pirate for that reason.

    It's also crazy that people were saying you "stole" the idea. I don't see that nowadays. Has everyone ever looked at Burrito Bison and went "they just stole the idea from so and so!"

    The song DEFINITELY got stuck in my head a lot after every I played it.

    I've always liked Armor Games for its site design and various other subtle things compared to other Flash game sites, but I'm glad to know it's just run by better people.

  19. wait, YOU made this game? man, i remember when a classmate recommended this to me and i played for hours when i had nothing better to do… simple times.

    oh hey, maybe you could do a video on SONNY? i believe you haven't done anything about it on your channel. played the shit out of that when i was a kid, made me love the RPG genre.

  20. That's a really cool behind the scenes look, please do more!

  21. This was one of my favourite flash games way back when, it's awesome to see that you're still active!

  22. i remember playing this when i was like 6.
    it's awesome to know who made it!

  23. Hey Graeme, Robert64 here 😀
    This is such a blast from the past! Pirate Launch was the first finished game I'd ever worked on, and I remember being so proud as a kid that you chose me to help. For that, it will always mean a lot to me.
    Still, it's such a shame that I gave up on trying to get the android port working. If I remember right, I had pretty much everything implemented, but it would randomly crash after a few minutes with no error message!
    Anyway, thank you for making this video, and bringing back some fond memories.

  24. you forgot to credit yourself for the idea in both versions

  25. I always loved games with visual upgrades to this day
    I have vague memories of this but I can't tell if I actually ever played it
    Sucks that it got stolen, its cool to think a youtuber I watch made a game I saw before I knew they ever existed

  26. A pirate stole your game? THATS TERRIBLE, that person who stole your game should have a bad time

  27. I guess you can take it being stolen as a sign that its good?

  28. You're so connected to my nostalgia this is absolutely WILD. I can't believe you've got such an in depth knowledge of my old favourites and YOU CREATED THIS GAME??? like!!! Wild!

  29. I remember a game that was like this one but you had to make some kind of airplane instead, i really liked that game.

  30. I'm shocked at how this is one of your lesser viewed videos honestly.

  31. To me, it sounds like he's saying "Pirate Lunch" instead of Pirate Launch.

  32. Now that flash is dead, where could I post a game that I made and get some cash out of it?

  33. I just rediscovered this game. I wasted many hours on it at Armour. Thanks for the fun game and your story!

  34. man, what a childhood game…
    but pretty sad that your game was stolen and (maybe) profit it off, oof

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