Pirate Launch Developer Commentary (& The story of how my Flash game was stolen)

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Pirate Launch has easily been my most successful Flash game. The development time behind it was actually surprisingly short, but was essentially doubled through the dastardly deeds of one particular thief.

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I do my best to share the development and history of Pirate Launch, alongside a proper playthough. There are some stories to be shared of how it all came together, and how it was almost lost entirely! I’m glad to finally share the story, as well as teasing the Pirate Launch 2 that will likely never happen…

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  1. Played this game A LOT during early 2010's. I lost it and I just found it again AFTER SEARCHING FOR IT FOR ABOUT A DECADE. You have no idea how many sweet memories you created to many people with your work.

  2. Oh yes I love this series also I love more flash games developer coment

  3. omg i used to play this when i was young, i never even KNEW that you made it!

  4. Huh, didn't know you were the one that made this.

  5. Hey… not rushing but do u know when finding the references for FTC will be out?

  6. It’s a real shame that people have stolen games which they didn’t make, I’m glad you managed to get it back though.

  7. I was mindblowned when ure the one who made this it's one of my favorite games i remember playing this game when i was like 6

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