Pirate My Game – /v/ musical

Performed by SongMan
/v/ musical

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Pirate my programs pirate my games
Ain’t got no cash ain’t got no shame
And I spend all day on the pirate bay
I’ll grab some files and then I get away
There’s this darker tale as you’ll ever
have of the greed of gamers stealing from the devs

“From the Devs!”

Pirate my gaming! Pirate in stride
There are laws against that I won’t abide.
And us Gamers all haven’t had no fun
Because we’re waiting until the downloads done.
Every man on board would have hurt and bleed if it mean’t that he could get more seed

Get more seed!
Get more seed!

Five, six, seven, eight

Waiting on it, Waiting on it.
Taking all night! But I don’t have a job so time’s not tight.
Waiting on it, Waiting on it. Downloaders be aware.
If the Antivirus clangs it could be malware
Could be a malware!

One more minute now!

Pirate my gaming. Pirate for days.
I ain’t paid a cent ’cause I’m master race.
When the download’s done and the Devs betrayed.
You got lots of games that are to be played.
And if I don’t like this particular style you can bet your boots I’ll just delete the file.
Pirate my programs, Pirate my games. Publishers have no claim.


  1. eight years later and its more relevant not just for gaming but music, movies, ect

  2. Hippety hoppety there is no such thing as intellectual property.

  3. "ain't paying a cent cause i'm mustard race"

  4. hehe, every time I'll be yaaring, I'm gonna sing it 😀

    (and I'm from the "if you like it buy it (if you can)" school of thoughts)

  5. Right before the very end say "TRIGGER WARNING!"

  6. Download link to all /v/ musicals in description.

  7. i also pirating games i and i have no shame.
    pirating since 1990.

  8. Holy shit I'm in tears. /v/ awards are the best awards.

  9. Let's be serious guys, adult gamers don't play many of their torrented games or even bought ones.

  10. I dont want to pirate.
    I just want a game that's worth it's price.

  11. Where is the video from? Treasure Island?

  12. bullshit video,sorry because dont have many money or credit card to spent on games,this video is stupped

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