PIRATE REPUBLIC of Great Britain on EU4 Grandest Lan MP Game

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Event description from creators:
ince 2017, the Grandest LAN Party has brought together EU4 fans and developers in a fresh and new kind of strategy role-playing experience, unique in the industry for participants and audience alike. Challenged by a global pandemic, the 2020 event was online only, adding even new twists and turns to this gaming event. Unfortunately, it looks like we will not be able to play again in person until 2022. But we promise that this year’s online event will be something special.

I’ll be playing with my Tema as Desmond!


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  1. Zlewikk, a da się w EU4 uzyskać darmowe pożyczki (bez żadnych odsetek)? Może to plan na odcinek?

  2. IRL it was pirate monarchy))

  3. Pirate great Britain? Ooooohhh it's historical accurate!!!!!

  4. Other Naval powers: I fear no man. But that thing…

    Pirate Great Britain

    It scares me

  5. Wake up honey! New zlewikk video just dropped


  7. I was waiting for this episode I love this series please upload them faster

  8. why are they singing sweidsh happy birthday in the background?

  9. It was a missclick. Check the stream 😀

  10. This inspired me to do the same. I love Pirate Britain.

  11. ¿ English pirates ? I do not see nothing wrong here

  12. That's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen…

  13. "It was just a miss click" hmmm sure it was… I am really enjoying the series so far.

  14. This is by far my favourite set of EU4 videos I’m watching at the moment great stuff!

  15. Argentinian irredentists: Pirate Britain? Historically accurate Britain you mean

  16. Oh yes! I was waiting for the next episode. This is such a great series

  17. I think it is ok that you are indirectly required to be a monarchy, because the “Acts of Union” only really make sense if done by monarchies. It was kind of analogous to the iberian wedding.

  18. hey.. this is a funny & interesting video… seems like this channel has some cool cartoon history/politics lessons for EU4 players to watch:

    What Happened to the Debts of Conquered Countries – SideQuest

  19. switch to english, and then to irish again
    -sun tzu

  20. oh man this grand is so boring
    your regular mp is more fun

  21. I just got all the dlcs, my favourite nations to play is Scotland but I always end up collapsing economically. Do you have any tips to avoid this?

  22. The one time when the british and french are allies

  23. Hey Zlewikk, you should try and save Sweden from the great Northern war after Poltava, that would be pretty fun to see. All the best mate

  24. For "learning diplomacy" … there is actually a BOARD GAME called "Diplomacy" … which is all about "convincing / tricking other people while not being deceived yourself".

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