Pirate Ships – PE Game

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This PE Game is one of many quick and easy physical education games that teachers can use in their own PE class. Physedgames provides physical educators with video lessons on various PE activities, sports, basketball, volleyball, baseball, fitness, soccer, hockey, football, badminton, LOGs, dodgeball, warm-ups, tag, creative, teamwork, in the gym, outside, and more. From Kindergarten PE ideas all the way up to grade 8 (many activities could also be used in highschool as well) – it’s all about the best games for exercise, skills, activities, games, learning, fitness, and FUN. Simple school games in just minutes – thanks for watching, hope you enjoy, please don’t forget to subscribe, we appreciate all the support through the years and will continue to post tried, tested, and proven activities!


  1. I have a game for you to share. Its called BEE HIVE and I made it up from ideas from several different games combined.

  2. Plot twist, you can also steal treasure from other team ships also

  3. I'm setting this up now for my Kinder period! Thanks!

  4. I am new subscriber and I am preparing a lesson over Agility. What games do you recommend? Thank you for your time.

  5. Love this! My class has 27 kids – teams of about 6 or 7. Will this still work?

  6. Can multiple players leave from one team at a time to get treasure? Also, can they steal from other teams?

  7. I love this idea! Going to try it with my younger kids classes.

  8. please tell me you’ve heard of four square tag ?

  9. Hi ! thanks a lot for all the ideas!
    I need some help. does any English speaker know how you call this game in Australia????

  10. Can you get tagged with a bean bag in your hand but your not off the pirate ship yet? And if so, what happens to the bean bag?

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