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Hi, my name is Thor. I’ve been in the games industry since 2004. I worked for Blizzard Entertainment, Amazon Games Studios, the United States Department of Energy, and now I own my own studio called Pirate Software. I’m a game developer, a hacker, and a giant nerd. Ask me stuff!

I’m also on Twitch!

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  1. You, sir, have restored my faith in at least a bit of humanity.

  2. I'd like to introduce Chat to my friend Al

    Al Go Rhythm

  3. This whole being asleep while he streams thing blows. I really want to catch a stream without waking up at the ass crack of dawn or staying up super late

  4. Just found out I missed the stream because YouTube doesn't tell me anything. What time does it start? And which days?

  5. Im not going to lie thor just hasn't been the same since he bought that shirt

  6. New to this community and channel. Not in game development but you are really helpful while studying for my Devnet certification to keep me on track and focused

  7. i feel ashamed i descovered this beautiful being of light because of YouTube shorts and not just randomly before he blew up

  8. I think I missed this, what do I do if my dono was missed?

  9. Buys a 15 dollar t-shirt: "I'm never going to financially recover from this"
    Sees a ferret:"shut up and take my money".

  10. Found this channel from a destiny stream. Dawg. I'm a breadmaker and this information and insight into methodology and approach to problems beyond helpful. Never thought to visit the devs for inspiration πŸ˜‚

    Thank you for the information, advice, and resource awareness. It's more helpful that you probably think. Great work.

  11. buddy, why are you trying to go after kick for streaming shows illegally when it's more prevalent on the platform your insinuating has less pirated content than kick, at least do your research, aren't you supposed to be a nerd? it just screams bad fait and that you're just trying to throw shade when you're this factually incorrect…

  12. A little confused about the ad breaks thing- I'm only seeing the TTS. Maye it's platform specific?

  13. OMG, I wanna know your thoughts on Moonguard.

  14. He linked a github at some point in this stream he recommended and I forget it and can't seem to find searching through the 7hours –> anyone know the timestamp / url (was for learning code related things)

  15. What is the reason for streaming from 1AM-10AM?

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