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Hi, my name is Thor. I’ve been in the games industry since 2004. I worked for Blizzard Entertainment, Amazon Games Studios, the United States Department of Energy, and now I own my own studio called Pirate Software. I’m a game developer, a hacker, and a giant nerd. Ask me stuff!

I’m also on Twitch!

And Discord:

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  1. The second puberty short was the first short I ever saw πŸ˜‚

  2. Wasnt this channel only at like 100k subs like a few months ago?

  3. You are now my new night-time asmr ❀️

  4. 7:26:44

    He cant keep getting away with this!!

    Chaos gremlin me loves it. But I always see it when Im playing and it legit makes my eye twitch. Tis my curse to carry it seems lol

  5. "12 stickers with my address"me: photo or it didn't happen.

  6. Can someon give me a time when Thor mentions his webcam?

  7. 1:05:00. Love the 100,000 sub award with the counter at nearly 800,000 in the background

  8. Motivated to work on my game again thanks for reigniting forge !

  9. Wait, do you want to say that Thor’s channel gained almost 1kk subscribers in 1-2 months?
    I mean..yeah, thanks to shorts and fun stories I'm now one of the chat of goblins, but damn, that's awesome ^_^

  10. Isn’t all content react content just like all people are technically doughnuts

  11. Thor.. at 8:55:10 you say "gold mining dredge in Nome.. that sounds outrageous to me.. really weird.. is that even real?.. I wanna know…"

    It's real, there's even a TV show on Discovery Channel called "Bering Sea Gold" – 17 seasons of it – showing regular people putting together various systems to go out from Nome, into the Bering Sea, to pull actual, real physical gold out of the sand and gravel on the seabed. Small operations running well can recover 150 oz of gold in a 4 month season, large operations can recover 1,000 oz and more per season.

    Dredges there fall into two basic categories. The first is "diver operated suction dredge", where a diver on the bottom uses a 6" to 14" diameter suction hose to "chase" little trails of gold through the base material.. the hose carries the material to the surface, where it's run through a sluice box, where the gold is trapped and the sand/gravel washes through and falls back into the sea. This is a "finesse" operation – the diver's skill is in finding and following the little trails of gold particles while leaving most of the material in place. They can move between 2 and maybe 6 cubic yards of material per hour, diver shifts are 3 to 4 hours, and a skilled diver can recover an ounce of gold in an hour. The diver dredges are usually rickety pontoon boats of 20' to 40' long, overloaded with sluice box, water pump, air pump, water heater, electric generator etc.., out on the open sea.

    The other type is an excavator dredge.. a hydraulic excavator and wash plant (shaker separator and sluice box) mounted on a barge. The operator sits in the excavator cab and blindly claws up the bottom, moving 60 to 200 yards of material per hour through the wash plant. But, with no diver, he digs blindly, so this is a volume operation with no finesse. So, despite moving about 15 times more paydirt (with proportionally higher equipment and fuel costs), these operations seem to produce only 3 to 4 times as much gold as the little diver dredges do.

    I'm building something in between. I've started with a 34' enclosed lifeboat, which is unsinkable (foam flotation chambers built in), self-righting (in case waves roll it over), with roughly the same internal volume as a 40' shipping container. I'm designing a very small, tracked ROV bottom excavator to do the bulk of the digging, after a diver has "prospected" an area and determined that it has a worthwhile amount of gold. The lifeboat will allow me to dredge in conditions the pontoon diver dredges can't handle, and it will be faster and more flexible to operate than the large excavator barges, without their large running costs.

    I'm also just starting a Youtube channel to document the lifeboat conversion and equipment buildout.. then the logistics of getting it all from Ohio to Alaska.. and then the actual mining operations and whatever else is worth filming in and around Nome. Which makes me a fledgling "content creator".. which is where your channel and your ideas are most relevant to me.

  12. That celest code is horrendous looking from someone born and raised on Modular Programming.

  13. Just found out about you through the shorts. You are amazing man, keep it up, I love your content, you inspire a lot of people and will inspire even more. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™Œ

  14. Found you from shorts, stayed for you and the great advice, thanks 😁

  15. As someone who works as a Q.A tester, i love your videos and ngl. im glad i found someone who at least knows how it feels to do cool shit

  16. Lol also as a furry yes we do run the internet

  17. When I last checked this channel it breached 200k subs and that was like 2 weeks ago wtf

  18. Do you also know youtubers that build websites in code with your vibe? 😊😊

  19. I found you on shorts, I know nothing about you, I vaguely understand what you do. But I’ve subscribed based on the fact that your energy seems genuine in that you care for your audience and want people to grow. A lot of people in this world should aspire to be abit more like you.

  20. Youre hitting 100k every 3 days, you just need one week for 1 mil subs…
    πŸ‘‡ if you think he will get 1 mill before christmas…

  21. Is this a loop? Feel like I've seen some of this before hahah love thor!

  22. That's great! ❀❀❀❀❀

  23. I watch with premium, I don’t have turbo so I tend to stay on YouTube unless you post links only on twitch side. Glad the metrics are in your favour

  24. I got into heartbound in 2018 right after my childhood dog died (yikes) and I played it completely through what was done at the time and absolutely loved it!! Got busy with life and my laptop caught on fire (also yikes) found you again through shorts and specifically my partner playing them at 4 in the morning next to me in bed. I remember hearing something happened to older player’s save files and I’m working up the courage to start again. Absolutely loved the game years ago and super excited to play what’s done now!

  25. Love your content and hope you get all the support you need to do what you want with life

  26. Like so many I saw your shorts and was hooked. I haven't caught a live stream yet but I try to watch the videos. Why? I'm not a dev or coder of any kind but you are infectious in a good way. Glad you are out there inspiring people.

  27. Firstly much love dude – the mantra of the comments is: shorts > interesting voice > genuine dude > caring content = subscription.. And I’m one of the fortunate many to be a part of this digital journey – in regards to what happens next, I highly doubt I’m gonna pass any wisdom but let me reassure you at least – diminishing returns have no reflection on you or your content. There is only so many eyeballs and just keep dancing with the one that brought you because you’re wonderful for what you’ve done so far, the rest is a bonus x

  28. I came here because of your shorts. I have to say I watch a good portion of the stream and I have to say. There is easily a dozen or so great shorts with amazing advice in what I saw. That is not even count the the buy the demo one. Too bad you stream while I at work. I have to say this is a streamer that is truly worth watch the full stream.

  29. 40K ish in a day… surely we get him 1mil in two months

  30. Why i watch your streams:
    – i make games ❌
    – beautiful voice βœ…
    – beautiful hair βœ…
    – beautiful demeanour βœ…

  31. i can't describe how good the intro music makes me feel

  32. This channel only need a little kick to blow off because the topics he's cover are real problems from real people asking for help from a very experienced guy in the tech field. His voice and way of speaking also help a tons for non-native English speaker like me, glad that I found this channel during my early college year as an IT freshman as I was starting to feel a little lost for direction.

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