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Hi, my name is Thor. I’ve been in the games industry since 2004. I worked for Blizzard Entertainment, Amazon Games Studios, the United States Department of Energy, and now I own my own studio called Pirate Software. I’m a game developer, a hacker, and a giant nerd. Ask me stuff!

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  1. Hey. You reading this. You’re pretty cool. Have a great day.

  2. I am not sure if half of the stories this dude tells are true but he has the perfect radio host voice.

  3. Hey you , reading this after reading this ⬇️.

    You are awesome and believe in yourself ✌️

  4. Asmon has become a big fan so we will see a good bit more of PS on his videos

  5. You are awesome. So happy to have found you.

  6. I just watched about 1000 of your YouTube shorts and they were all wonderful. I'm a Comp. Sci. student in Canada struggling to find a job, and your videos have given me the inspiration to keep going. Thanks for putting yourself out here! 😊

  7. I just found your channel, Im loving it so far! Keep up the great work!

  8. Here from the shorts, how is every minute of the stream entertaining?

  9. I still cant believe that he pretty much got 100k subs in like a day. At this rate he will have a million at the end of the month.

  10. Where can we find a link to the Fridgening video?

  11. Thor, now you are in Russian Telegram channels! Lol.

  12. can someone explain how this person i've never seen until he's appeared in my shorts, claims to have worked in industry since 2004, but looks like he was born after 2004?

  13. I'm also one of the new goblins coming from your cracking of the shorts' code, have to say I've been sitting on many of my game dev ideas but also have no skills other than small ability to 3d model which I've been planning on anyway to work on. I'm gunna make a design document now, and start to chop away at these ideas I've been banking. You've been the icing on the cake.
    Also I've been playing Project Zomboid all day listening to this whole stream and I'm at the half way point, I think I could listen to you all day tbh, please don't stop uploading the vods this is great.

  14. Also found your channel from YT shorts

  15. this guy hacked the algorithm coz all of a sudden I just short after short of him…. glad I did, 1 of the almost 300k subs nowπŸ˜‚

  16. As your channels grows I see it as hope for the gaming development community

  17. I enjoyed watching this stream for a few hours last night!

  18. Is the 300k donation goal just for your yearly income or is it for something g elsse

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