Pirate’s Destiny | NEW One Piece Game Releasing on Roblox | But…

Pirate’s Destiny | NEW One Piece Game Releasing on Roblox | But…

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  1. Hope you get better soon 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  2. Bro you already working overtime for us, you deserve some rest bro

  3. I love the brutal honesty man keep it up, If it took them two years I hope they actually have a good story

  4. You hear of the game one piece new dreams it releases tomorrow

  5. A couple months that’s what they said about update 20 1year later still no update 20

  6. Yo hope you feel better snd thank you for uploading another amazing video even if your sick

  7. Is not in mobile in this roblox game

  8. yo maui, its ok. ik you love us, but you sound sooo sick. take some time for yourself. love you

  9. The shop looks great, I would play it, and hope you get better. Good luck with the game.

  10. Username: CharlesEmiel03
    Done subscribing
    Can i have perm leopard?

  11. The knock back and npc look the same as "a one piece game"

  12. soon as i saw the first frame DAYUM was the first word to think of

  13. Hello,i hope u get well soon and have a great day,also great vid!

  14. Dam, your channel changed I like it I remember when you do live and giveaway lots of game passes although I couldn't get any gp I still watched your live streems hopefully you be good again and stay safe

  15. cause I'm trying to host a raid for my new friends then I ate diamond. I would like my dough back ill offer some of my fruits for the dough please give me dough also this is my
    Day #2 In asking for a dough.

  16. Bruh he is sick but he still did a vid for his subscribers 😢

  17. He's sick and still making content t thx for the vid also get better soon

  18. Ta bueno el juego capas lo juegue algun dia y casi me olbido buen video 😊

  19. Day four of asking Maui to let me trade for perm Buddha

  20. Captain maui I just join now can I maybe like join your crew?

  21. Hi I'm can't wait to play and guys his sick he doesn't have to do this he loves us give him his dream and also my user is natin_2010

  22. hey maui sorry about what happened in discord i was hacked

  23. wow a cash grab not like i can go onto the front page and play a game exactly like this!!!!!!

  24. hiii im friends with the guy u gifted control and asked him to participate in a challenge i just wanted to say hi

  25. Could you please link the game so I can find the game?

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