Pirates! Gold. SEGA Genesis. Full Game Walkthrough

Pirates! Gold. Full game walkthrough on SEGA Genesis. An ingenious game about pirates from Sid Meier. Probably the best in its genre. It is this game that laid the basic concepts of many modern pirate games.


  1. So many good old sea adventures I have had and towns I have looted!!!!

  2. More of a speed run than a walkthrough!

  3. А что осталось сделать, чтобы добрать оставшиеся 10 очков?

  4. I remember playing this all the time as a child back in 2008. Had no clue what I was doing, I'd always try to pillage every ship and town I came across. Sometimes it worked, other times I'd get executed within minutes, but oh well it was fun

  5. I don't understand how you knew where the treasure fleet and the silver train were.

  6. How does this vid have like 90 ads wtf?

  7. I remember playing this on Sega Channel in Chicago.

  8. There’s a save hack. A age hack that lets you keep your money & plunder but, restarts the age cycle.

  9. Как жаль, что в моём картридже не было батарейки…

  10. Man I miss playing this with my dad when I was 6. What an awesome game. Wish they'd bring us another update for the series.

  11. I loved this game when I was 10. Until my brother saved over my game.

  12. Love this game growing up and running out of food and mutiny 😂 digging and searching for gold land ho!

  13. This is it! They ought to have a GTA mixed with this.

  14. My uncle married the hot blonde only person I’ve ever seen get her. I had to settle for the wench too.

  15. Damn, I can't tell you how much I loved this game as a kid. The only item I ever bought on E-bay, I bought this for $65 when I was like 18 to relive the memories this game gave me. Drastic overpay but I didn't care. I just wanted to play this damn thing again.

  16. Loved this game so much that I made my own personal captains' log of places I had visited, got shipwrecked, etc etc – I still have them until this day –

  17. wow played this a thousand times on Mac/PC. never knew it was for Sega!!

  18. Wow, I just bought the DOS version on GOG and I've never known a console port to have superior graphics before. They're both set out very differently, but my god does the DOS version look like vomit compared to this.

  19. man: i captured many treasure fleets and found many incas hidden treasures!
    also man: retire as a very poor man

  20. I first played this on Sega Channel around 1996. The most confusing part of the game are land battles. I still play the cartridge version a few times a year. Not a lot of games I play 27 years later.

  21. I actually wonder how you do the sword play properly. The mechanics are a bit clunky, which makes it kind of hard to figure out.

  22. This brings me back to 90’s i was so happy playing this game for hours, want to go back to that time 😢

  23. I had no idea how lucky i was when i mindlessly bought this game from a Value Village for 4$ in 2008. This quickly became one of my favorite games ever on the Genesis.

  24. How do ports know you are attacking them?

  25. This is my first ever sandbox open world game

  26. how can this game be 30 euro, i just can not comprehend

  27. I played the nes version, and never knew this one existed.

  28. It's 2023 and I really miss that game very much, because I was born to be a Pirate like Sir Francis Drake😁👍🎮

  29. awesome! I didnt know about this version!

  30. I played this game a long time ago when it came out on Commodore-64… This Sega version graphics is much improved, of course. Nice game.

  31. They should put this and/or the NES version on Nintendo Switch Online, or give us a port of the PC-88 version via the EGGCONSOLE series.

  32. Still better than that dumb Ubisoft game. Also, if you have the choice to attack French shipping, you don’t have a choice.

  33. @23:49 what beautiful artwork the genesis was capable of! I love the flicker of the torch and subtle but effective dancing of the shadows. It really gives the scene that extra sense of secret and adventure.

  34. One of the greatest pirate games ever made!

  35. Here’s one thing I never understood. Every time I start a new game the crew starts out happy then when I destroy enemy ships and get a lot of food and supplies then suddenly become unhappy.

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