Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End Game – Soundtrack 01

Soundtrack je ze hry Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End a budu dávat další soundtrack ze hry Pirates…. Soundtrack už mám skoro hotový, ale nemají ještě pozadí. Chvilku vydržte než ho udělám.

Zatím čau 🙂

(Soundtrack – Menu)


  1. Great memories, im lucky i still have the game on the ps2 🙂 Gotta finish it again with 100% progress + Sub-Missions.. Tough challenge.

  2. I played it on the ps2 and recently begun playing it again, still good as remembered.

  3. Where's the DS version soundtrack?

  4. Still got this game for the Wii! Still love it!

  5. I remember playing all the pirates of the Caribbean video games. Xbox, pc, even wii… then I played LEGO version

  6. Say what you want about this game but it was fun as shit. sill play it from time to time.

  7. Composed by Mark Griskey based off themes by Klaus Badelt, Hans Zimmer and Remote Control Productions.

  8. I preferred this song to be the theme song for pirates instead the one we have rn

  9. Love this upload. Curious how you got these. Did you extract them from the game? And if so, what folder?

  10. I swear I was gifted the game 3 times on PS2, PS3 and WII


  12. Musica de arrepiar 🥶😨😨🙂🙂

  13. Nostalgic. I had this game on PS3, PS2, Wii, and even PSP lol

  14. I sucked so bad at this game, so I just sat there and listened to this song 😂

  15. This song scared the crap out of me when i was young

  16. Thank you for the nostalgic childhood bro !

    But, who is the composer of this track? I still wonder.
    Hans Zimmer version is different

  17. This is the best soundtrack, I like it the most)

  18. Could you upload this somewhere? Would love to download the whole thing.

  19. I have this game but sadly I’m stuck on Isla cruises level

  20. This game was amazing to play through again on the X360, wish it would get brought up more often.

  21. I love the menu on this game. Seeing the Black Pearl, the Flying Dutchman, or the Empress, depending on which you chose, sailing the stormy sea with it's captain at the helm satisfying.

  22. Dining room brigade: elegant and well dressed. Kitchen brigade:

  23. Thank you so much for uploading. I can't find this anywhere else. People think it's the same OST from the movies. It's not.

  24. I loved the game so much. It was so fun good old memories. Sometimes I used to start the main menu screen listen to the music.

  25. I had a Mega Bloks Black Pearl as a kid along witb this game. I ended up rigging that toy to look like the Pearl from the film, topsails and t'gallants and all, and I'd just listen to the music from the game music and play with my ship lol. Good times. And i still love the music now. Can still picture Jack, Jones, and Feng at the helms of their ships

  26. 2023 and still listening to this masterpiece

  27. Best version of the main theme by far. I played this game so much as a kid that it's the definitive one for me. Something about the timbre of the lead horn, the section arrangement starting 0:18 (a more enunciated melody than the original version). 0:36 represents the "At Worlds End" portion of the game very well. The PS2 visuals on the title screen are very somber and atmospheric when paired with this arrangement. I only wish that whoever made this also arranged the Love Theme suite from the third movie!

  28. Привет!Слушаю в 2023 году!Такая ностальгия по этой игре!

  29. You remeber The day that you defeated by CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!

  30. A beautiful saga not only Disney but of all time

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