Pirates of the Caribbean DMC – Liar’s Dice Game [1080p, HD]


  1. I really hate how they cut this down, originally will challenged Davy to a first game for a hundred years of his service if he lost and his father freedom if he won. Will beat Davy hones and earned his fathers freedom but challenged him a second time which was this game. In my opinion that deleted scene would have added a lot of extra weight and was well done

  2. My friends and I have started to play Liars Dice at our local pub while having drinks. I have become a bit of master in this game. The game is pretty much probability and deception. You can be great in probability theory, but if you’re not a good liar, you won’t do well imo. And you always have to change up your strategy to prevent others learning your patterns. Plenty of times where I called 3 6s and never had a 6, but I wanted the next person to call spot on.

  3. How come they had those amazing cgi back then.. and nowdays with new amazing technology its bullshit

  4. Over a decade later and I still don't know how to play this game.

  5. Even with the 8 fives bid, Will was safe because he had a 1, and 1s are wild. He would've won even without his father jumping in to "save him." Davy Jones couldn't win.

  6. This is how the fishmen from the one piece live action should have looked

  7. Am i only one that thinks extended scene of Liar dice is far superior to what they made out with on theatrical cut, like it gives so much context and flows much better to Will's reveal to Jones that he wants key.

  8. That's where the millinials get it from. "7 5s aah"😂

  9. What I want to know is, if Will just wanted to know where the key was and lost, how was he supposed to steal it and leave if hes bound to the ship? (If Bill never interrupted the game)

  10. I always love the fact that he heard his name immediately, the organ stopped, and you can just imagine him whipping his head away from the keys and slamming his crab leg into the boards to spin off his bench to walk out for this scene

    I love details

    ALSO the fact that Bill sat down where he knew Jones could not call his son a liar on purpose to protect him I just now caught on to. He could have sat down for Will to call him a liar and save himself out of choice, but Bill took that choice away to protect him from Jones

  11. The fact that the CGI still holds up excellently and they made it when they were still using damn CRT monitors is crazy.

  12. The OST/Music in this scene is mad underrated

  13. The very next time we make port!!!! Which we never will!!!!

  14. Red Dead Redemption pretty much forced me to learn this game lol


  16. You can just tell he was trying to hold in a hearty chuckle with all his might

  17. "the very next time we make port!!!"

    There won't be a next time🤣🤣💔

  18. 2:17 you and the boys talking about what you pulled last night

  19. They shouldn’t have cut the other half of this scene. It makes more sense on why his father got into the game, and even more so, why Davy Jones allowed it.

  20. When Will Turner beats Davie Jones at his own game

  21. I honestly love this scene, and enjoy the game. I played this, and was good at it in Red Dead Redemption.

  22. I use to play Pirates of the Caribbean at World's End for the PSP and it had Liar's Dice as a mini game. The one thing that was added was you can call out an opponent that they're telling the truth.

  23. Me and the boys discussing who we pulled at the club: 2:08

  24. They should have kept the extended cut of this scene in.

  25. I always wondered why the crew of the Dutchman never tried to get a hold of the key to commandeer the ship themselves

  26. 1:20 Before becoming a part of the crew Will cut Ogilvey (the right crew member) open and if you look closely he has fishhooks keeping the wound shut, nice attention to detail.

  27. almost 20yr old and still way better CGI than most superhero movies from 2023.

  28. I like how jones just smiles and accepts the challenge , instead of finding it insulting

  29. People talk about Davy Jones with this sort of wistfulness, or ‘understanding’ of the character- that’s he’s ‘not a bad guy’ or he ‘keeps his word’ the man is literally described as the POTC devil. He’s cruel, vindictive, petty and takes pleasure from ruining and destroying everything in front of him. He preys on the desperate and dying to crew his ship, offering them immortality before revealing they will never leave the ship, becoming literally the vessel he sails on. Those that aren’t are as brutal and cruel as he- his Bo’sun literally prides himself in cleaving flesh from bone with a cat-o-nine tails. He slaughters without cause, tricks men into ‘fair bargains’ only to withhold information or weigh the odds in his favor. In this scene alone, you can see his rage at the game being interrupted turn to interest as he realizes he can use Will to torment Bootstrap and vice versa. He’s a cruel, cruel being.

  30. I hate it when it says "I accept mate" because he doesn't say that he says accepted and they way he says it is just perfect

  31. I wonder if the flying dutchman would have advanced along side other ships on the sea, eventually becoming an aircraft carrier or destroyer of sorts. Or perhaps it would have stayed as it is.

  32. I don't get it, what are the rules of this game???

  33. I love how he heard "I challenge Davy Jones" from his cabin over the sound of the organ, but he didn't hear anything else XD

  34. We call this game “pikken” in Dutch which would translate to “dicking” or “cocking” and if you lose 5 rounds you’re “sitting on the d*ck” meaning you almost lost the game. Not even kidding.

  35. In morocco we play a similar version of it with cards, we call it lying and it's a fun game

  36. This game is awsome! Here in north brazil we play a lot 😅

  37. Master Turnah feel free to go ashore oink the very next time we make port!

  38. “The British empire in the mid to late 18th century press ganging sailors: 3:10

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