Pirates of the Caribbean DMC – Liar’s Dice Game [1080p, HD]


  1. 2:03 The boys talking about the girls we pulled on a night out

  2. Me forever defending gore verbinski’s amazing trilogy! 🎥 ☠️☠️☠️

    (Part 1) For anybody who is always praising the first movie to be the best. I have been studying 1-3 and I constantly re-watch them. Pirates of the Caribbean does not go downhill in writing after the first movie. That is your business to believe that opinion everyone else goes with.

    Dead man’s chest gave the characters more depth! Elizabeth and William barely have anything to work with in the first movie. William’s relationship with his father that was hinted in the first movie of his father‘s existence. Paid off wonderfully. William’s character had way more in depth now and you have something to truly care about him for. You get both perspectives when you understand their Reunion! Bootstrap didn’t want Will to become a pirate like him, he wanted him to have a free life from the pirate life. William had a hard time accepting he was half Pirate but when he accepted his life and his father… He has a new journey to stab the heart of Davy Jones to set his father free.

    And you’re implying William is better in the first movie just because he wanted to save the girl he loved? William in the second movie now has Elizabeth as a lover. And now a new journey to rescue his father someone else he cares about. And this became a difficult situation when bootstrap told Elizabeth at world‘s end. William has to make a decision. Either don’t kill Davy Jones so he can be with you. Or he does kill Davy Jones and set me free, but he won’t be able to be on land for 10 years. If I were him I wouldn’t pick me! 😕 The emotional weight on William’s character gets better and better.

    Elizabeth in the first movie was just a damsel in distress girl. She wasn’t useless in the first movie but you get the point. In the second movie, Elizabeth learned to wield a sword and she used it in the battle. She pulled a gun to Beckett‘s head.. went on her own journey to save will.

    She has grown a lot since the first movie who was just an innocent girl! Elizabeth got better as a character in 2 and 3!

    As for Jack sparrow. He does not become a joke at all in all 3 movies.

    Jack sparrow is at his best in the second movie and in the third movie. There was a moment in dead men’s chest… Where Jack didn’t know what he truly wanted so the compass couldn’t locate what he desired. So when Elizabeth went on her journey and then found Jack.. Jack used her for his advantage! He took advantage of Elizabeth’s feelings by telling her if you want to save Will you have to want to find the chest of Davy Jones! In order to get will back.. That’s why Jack gave her the compass. Jack knew if he couldn’t figure what he wanted out he was going to get it out of Elizabeth. Since Elizabeth now wants to find the chest of Davy Jones to save will. This gives Jack the huge opportunity to find the chest to stab the heart in it. But instead he wants to control DavyJones before killing him. Jack sparrow is not stupid! When will was trying to stab the heart towards the end of the second movie. Jack knows just because Davy Jones is dead, does not mean the Kraken will be stopped as well. And you’re telling me Jack is dumb after part 1??

    As for Beckett. He was a well executed villain who uses dialogue and negotiation to control people. The Reason why Beckett didn’t fire his cannons at worlds end. Was because it would be totally out of his character to use weapons. Beckett uses certain words to get through people and how to control them behind the scenes. Beckett at the end of the movie had nothing left to negotiate with. Davy Jones was dead, Jack sparrow is alive and well. Will Turner is now the new captain of the Flying Dutchman. Beckett had literally nothing to use against on people. He was caught in shocked and he decided to die..

    Anyways I could defend the Gore Verbinski’s Trilogy all night. His trilogy is an underrated trilogy. It had great character writing and amazing detail of its depth.

    Also Will vs Davy Jones!!! 😈😈😈

    when Will challenging Davy Jones.

    Davy Jones asks him how do you know about the key?

    Will replies and says, that's NOT part of the game is it? 😏 You can STILL walk away!! 😏

    As for pirates 4/5 they are not even Canon they are filler movies. The story ended at worlds end! ☠️

    (Part 2) Dead man’s chest has a very simple plot.. Jack sparrow is the master at controlling peoples hearts to get what he wants and out of a situation. He screwed over Will so Jack can save himself… But it worked in his favor for his reunion to meet his father.. William even told Jack you screwed me over but because of you I was reunited with my father after such a long time.. Elizabeth was caught in Jack’s illusion of trusting him to get Will back that had nothing to do with him which was a lie. Will being on Davy Jones ship had everything to do with Jack lol. Jack left on good terms with Elizabeth and William in the first movie. Elizabeth had every right to believe Jack…. It was Jack who took advantage of her feelings to find the chest by telling her if you want to find will you need to find the chest of Davy Jones! But it was an illusion so Jack can get closer to find the chest of Davy Jones to control him. But to also go back and save will after Jack got what he wanted.

    If people don’t understand these movies that’s their problem. But I understand every movie! That’s why I rank 2>3>1 ☠️☠️☠️

    (Part 3) I’m sorry to break it to you but the curse of the Black Pearl is my least favorite in the trilogy. I rewatch the trilogy every few months. And to me I just don’t find it as deep or as interesting compared to dead man’s chest or at worlds end.

    Curse of the Black Pearl is still a well written amazing film. It’s just I’d rather choose having William struggle on trying to save his father from Davy Jones along side using very clever strategy and dialogue during the dice liar game on Davy Jones to get key from him.. VS William in the first movie who just wants to save Elizabeth….

    I love darker storytelling and when steaks are becoming higher! Dead man’s chest gave me everything.. Elizabeth was a useful damsel in stress female lead in the first movie. But I would rather choose her character development in the second movie compared to her in the first movie.

    Elizabeth pulled a gun on Beckett’s face. She went on her own journey to save William. Who also taught her how to defend herself with swords. And that paid off well at the end of the movie! Her development is miles better in (Dead mens chest) compared to herself in the first movie who just takes the fall for William to protect him from Barbosa.

    Jack sparrow’s dialog and clever intelligence grew (MORE) in (dead men’s chest) and (at worlds end) and you cannot convince me otherwise. If people think he became a joke after the first movie that sounds like a (YOU PROBLEM) Jack sparrow is pretty intelligent in the second movie on being a master at manipulation and taking advantage of people around him to get himself out of a situation in order to save his life and possibly everyone else’s. He just knows how to play the game like that….. You can’t trust Jack sparrow on making the right decisions because he’s supposed to be ahead of the game on everyone’s perspective on him. If Jack was easy to follow with answers he wouldn’t be Jack sparrow lol.

    Not to mention what’s with this opinion on people saying Jack sparrow was someone you should not mess with?? Jack sparrow literally wants you to mess with him so he can use that to his advantage to pull you in under his string, for you to doubt him in order to rise up above everyone else. You were caught in his illusion the entire time so he can be superior at the end of the situation and screw you over. If Jack sparrow was someone to NOT mess with, just like Davy Jones.. Then you wouldn’t be caught in Jack sparrow’s illusion on being the worst pirate in the world..
    No seriously if Jack had the same fear approach as Davy Jones…. Then all you would have to do were to look at Jack sparrow for a few seconds and be so scared of him, Everyone would just run away.. literally what’s the fun in that for Jack Sparrow?! If he was someone to not mess like people claim. Then (WHY) do people keep on assisting 100% on messing with Jack Sparrow?? Please answer that man lol. That literally makes no sense… 😂

  3. Ash Ketchum you are a Liar and you will Spend an eternity on fantasy land
    Master Ketchum feel free to get up…the better next time you awake from your Coma! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😈😈😈

  4. When the deleted scene shouldn’t have not been deleted.

  5. This movie made me feel wet watching it. Like heavy rain drenching me. It’s a spooky vibe and I love it.

  6. I don't understand this can someone please explain to me ?????

  7. As amazing all of of these actors are in this movie, I never feel like Stellan Skarsgård ever gets enough credit for his role as Bootstrap. His character arc is also quite the payoff!

  8. The music in this scene is perfect. Especially from the moment on that Davey Jones says "welcome to the crew lad"

  9. 0:22 can we just appreciate this guy’s laugh. It add the perfect air to the scene because he knows what’s coming.

  10. 1:41 Pause the video, then click the timestamp. If you look at the person in the background, you can see a fishhook hanging near his stomach. The reason is that this is the same person who’s stomach got sliced open by Will earlier in the movie and he used a fishhook to stitch up the wound.

  11. The only reason Will did this was to find the key. He didn't care about winning or losing. He just didn't expect his Dad to take the hit.

  12. After so many years now i realized Davy Jones is Donald Trump.

  13. What does Davy Jones say at 0:30?
    "I accept that ___"
    I can't make out the last word. The subtitles say it's "mate" but it sure doesn't sound like it.
    Anyone got any ideas?

  14. 0:07 How the principal walks down the aisle of the assembly when there is poo on the roof of the boys bathroom

  15. Such an incredible scene… Can really feel the pain of the tune, when he reveals the key, and that sad song kicks in briefly …

  16. I reckon Davey has a solid court-case here, he was clearly calling out a lie

  17. Nelson Mandela .

    Abdulrajak Janjalan .

    Abdulrajak Janjalan .

  18. Turner is playing a dangerous game here, allow me:

    He didn’t want to win, he just needed to confirm the existence of the key, and he even got to know it’s location.

    He actually can’t win, because Davy Jones would never allow him to leave alive with the key. So he needed to lose there.

    Jones was so arrogant he didn’t realize everything went as planned for Turner.

  19. He doesn't say "I accept mate"
    He says "Acc-Cept-Ed"
    just the word "accepted"
    the subtitle people don't hear him in his uncanny accent.

  20. To me this scene goes unfathomably hard ngl

  21. You’re not aloud to call them a liar after revealing his cup

  22. I love Liar’s dice it’s one of my favorite gambling games and just to play for fun with or without gambling

  23. Who wouldn't trade mortality to be an immortal, walking, hammerhead shark?

  24. I think i like the deleted scene with second round in between jones excepting and this one better

  25. Respect to Davy Jones for not walking away from a challenge

  26. This is Sorcery!’s swindlestones isn’t it?

  27. Person who wrote the script should he proud of his work

    Such a fine dialogues and deliveries

  28. Davey Jones : "Master Turnah feel free too go ashore 'Histerical snort'….tHe VeRy nExT tIme we MAke PORTTTT!"😂 love the way that line is delivered and the mocking laughter that ensues .

  29. It will never not bug me that Jones simply says “accepted” and the subtitles don’t match lol

  30. You know we admired Jack and all, but I think Will is totally underrated. I mean the guy gets captured by a cursed ship, quickly do the tasks of the crew, shows no fear, becomes the most interesting thing in the ship in probably decades, challenges the captain to a game, says to him "if you’re afraid don’t play & I won’t tell you how I know about the key" in front of all his crew, steals his key, uses the ship’s bathroom doesn’t flush, makes an escape, and all in just one night; that or more gangster? 😎

  31. 0:47 The coral-head guy back there touches his tentacles like Beard and he looks like that he's thinking "dammn, those stakes are quite tough!"😂

  32. “Yes, we get that captain Calamari but who won. Game is quite rigged sir.”

  33. "The very next time we make port!"
    The curse that the Dutchman's crew has means they can't go on land for 10 years, after which they can spend a day on land but then they have to back to the sea… for another 10 years. Well done for dark humour, Captain 🤣

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