Pirates of the Caribbean DMC – Liar’s Dice Game [1080p, HD]


  1. If they know the measures of the key, why they just don’t make their own key?

  2. so with the deleted scene. will freed his father and 2 mins later bootstrap got imprisoned for an eternity?

  3. You see this game in almost every Chinese bar lol even when out drinking they be doing math

  4. They should've kept the deleted scene in.

  5. RIP Bootstrap's Freedom THERE IT GOES OUT THE WINDOW 🤭🤣🤣🤣


    Master Depp, feel free to go ashore…THE VERY NEXT TIME YOU GET CASTED!!

  7. How can his dad join the game? He has nothing to offer or bet.

  8. Ironically, if Will had just said 2 words: SPOT ON, he would've won.

  9. It’s not “I accept mate”

    It’s Jones saying “accepted”

  10. Will is not an official member of the Dutchman, remember the scene Will being captured on the broken ship? The crying man had officially made an oath with the ship when he said yes to Jones. But the convo between Will and Jones was cut off when Jones teleported to the Pearl and talked with Jack. They made a deal, until Jack deliver 100 souls to Jones to be free from the debt, Will had to play the role as a prisoner on the Dutchman. So technically, Will was not affected by the curse of the ship, he cannot survive underwater like the other sailors. Thats why Jones did not make the ship sink down all the time Will was onboard. Plus, Will can get off the ship, goes on land whenever he can but the crew will not let him escape.
    About the 10-year curse, only Jones was affected by it. Maybe if he set foot on land, there would be some kind of auto-teleportation making him come back to the ship. Although they can go ashore once every 10 years, Jones just doesnt have any reasons to do it. So in this scene, Jones want to tell Will that he will never go ashore again.

  11. For anyone confused on how this game works each player gets 5 dice if it was 4 players same thing 5 dice so on. The objective of the game is to bluff and not be called on it. You must bet higher then the last persons bet kinda like poker except there’s no matching you must bet higher. 15 dice okay split up three ways you are guessing how many of the same number there is all together in the game ignore Bootstraps bets he was purposely trying to loose. Focus on Will and Jones. Jones says there’s 4 fours in the game. Will ups the bet says there’s 5 fives. Since Bootstrap didn’t bet any fives yet Wills assuming there’s 5 fives between Jones and himself again we will ignore Bootstraps next bet and now Jones says 7 fives between himself and Will. Now with only 10 dice between the two of them the odds are not looking good. Will too stay in has to bet he says 8 fives making the odds of that between the two slim. Bootstrap fearing for his son now blows his bluff bad and says 12 fives he never bet any fives this whole time and Jones called him on it game over


  13. I felt very bad for bill Turner
    And will calling him fool made it worse

  14. This might be a fun game for those (like me) who have trouble with the complexity of poker. It still has the the probability calculations, the bluffing and the simple strategy without all the blinds and the hands and the checks and bets and raises.

  15. i've seen the full scenes and even before they got deleted. i saw them in the theaters and they didn't have any deleted scenes. In the theaters showed them play 2 games of the Liars Dice game and other scenes didn't get deleted in the theaters.

  16. All these sailors are basically in a Stockholm syndrome, they all lost their freedoms to Davy Jones yet they're utterly loyal to him. Or maybe once you become an eternal crew member and start to become part of the ship, your psyche/soul becomes Jones' and you become loyal by default. He controls the ship and you're part of the ship, he controls you… except Will's dad was able to break free just enough in the 3rd movie.

  17. Don't know who made the subtitles, but it's wrong. It's not "I accept, mate." He says "I accept that." They should've referred to the script.

  18. Why did he get mad….its part of the game to lie…and they had more dies to play…..weird
    They only play for one die….wtf

  19. "Määstäh Turnäääh…. feel free to go ashoare… HOORRH…. the berry next time, we make PPort!"
    Damn, he just nailed the role so perfectly, and so many times over, in every single SECOND he was in a scene!

  20. I kind of wish they'd included the other part of this where Will actually beats him and secures his father's freedom before he wagered a second time for the key.

  21. At 1:22 that creature always scared the shit out of me when I watched this movie when I was little

  22. I will never…EVER…understand this game!

  23. I still cannot understand the rule of this game

  24. A funny thing is that Will’s bet is safe in a lot of variants of the game. He had 3 5’s and a 1, whereas Bill has no 5’s and Jones has 3 of them. In some variations ones are a “wild” number and count for any face value. Under that ruleset, Will’s bet would’ve been safe to make and actually would’ve put his father in a trap

  25. So if Davy knew will was lying then why did he call out Bill?

  26. worst bet ever from davy jones. bootstrap already a crew and will spend eternity on that ship. actually, Will must spend eternity on this ship if Davy jones win.

  27. Davy Jones was so confident he thought he could win and torment Will that he didn't realize that Bootstrap joining in prevented Will from losing

  28. Love the way he looks down n then decides to actually seat down n the music playing at that moment 🔥

  29. The CGI on Davy Jones is still incredible to this day.

  30. funny how bootstrap knew he was still bound to the dutchman so he had no other option but to wager a eternity anyways.

  31. Will: I challenge Davy Jones

    Crew: visible confusion

  32. 0:28 The subtitles are wrong. He just says "Accepted" not "I accept, mate"

  33. Okay, yeah. It was Jones playing the background music and he stopped when he (somehow) heard the challenge, but I want y'all to realize. This man can just grow out of the ship wherever the fuck he wants. He could have just appeared behind Will to save himself the trouble, but nah. Man took the time to stomp his way over above EVERYBODY just to let them know "Yes. I heard. Yes. I'm on my way." Davy boy made the first power play before he even ARRIVED.

  34. 3:07 Welcome to the crew, lad. ☠️🏴‍☠️

    Davy Jones really thought he had Turner by the balls then.

  35. Be funny if Will asked
    “So when do we make port?…”
    Dutchman: …😂🤣
    Will: “When do we make port?…😐☹️”

  36. The deleted portion of the scene between “I accept!” And the key stakes was a much better edition to this scene.

  37. If this game is played with the most popular rules, Will's father threw away his life for nothing. Ones are normally wild, always counting as the face of the current bid. Jones has 4 fives. Will has 3 fives and a single one. There's 8 fives on the table.

    Will's final bid at 8 fives was the correct bid, and if Jones or Bill had called him, he would've won the round.

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