Pirates of the Caribbean PC – A Classic Gem from 2003!

I re-visit a classic game that’s almost 20 years old which I spent many hours playing as a child, I am of course talking about Pirates of the Caribbean by Bethesda and Ubisoft!

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  1. I played the living hell out of this game. Like 1000 hours. I got to the point many times where I was so overpowered itvwas ridiculous like my entire fleet was Ship of the Line and Corvettes. Excellent pirate game, one of the best

  2. I’m so happy I found this I just unlocked a core memory from childhood 🥹

  3. One of my favourite childhood games.

    How are you running this on PC?

  4. How did you get this game to run in 2022?

  5. To this day there hasn’t been a pirate game that got me hooked like this. Not Assassins creed, or sea of thieves this was something special and if someone had the mind to take inspiration from this game they could hit a gold mine.

  6. Hi Kit!
    I am currently struggling to get the base game running without mods on Win 11. Do you have any tips how you got your game running?
    Many thanks!

  7. I remember towards the end of the game you can board and capture the British flagship, it was this behemoth motherfucker with like 70 cannons and 500 crew if I remember right.

  8. Epic nostalgia I played this game HEAPS back in 2003 when I was 14

  9. This game was awesome, the ship battles were fun and boarding enemy ships was insane

  10. I remember this game so well…I stayed up all night even on school nights just playing it. I miss my childhood.

  11. I could never get past the first level as a kid lol

  12. I played this game like I play Mount and Blade which can be summed up as: "Welcome to the world. Here is your ship. Go nuts, you will figure everything eventually or die trying". God it was amaizing. PotC is more linear as in there is a story which you can ignore, while Carribean Tales is sandbox game with story not even writters remember.
    Never played it with New Horizon mod or the latest version City of Aboden Ships which I heard has actually good story. On the other hand, To Each His Own looks oddly suspicious to the point I wonder if it's merely a copy of the previous installment.

  13. I was trying to jog my memory of the pirates game…

    We had this on Xbox – I remember my brother playing it fine but the creepy monkeys and skelemans freaked me out too much. It's certainly possible I have the disk somewhere, though would be nice to play on PC instead. I remember some of the mechanics really appealed to me, and I'd love to actually explore those a little more. Thanks for this video! this is definitely what I was looking for

  14. How do I get this to run on windows 11? Bought the disc but it won’t start.

  15. SOMEONE RESPOND PLEASE!!! CAN YOU PLAY THIS ON WINDOWS 10 IN 2023???? I played this so much as a kid and completely forgot about it.

  16. I was definitely too young playing this game because I had zero idea of what I was doing. I just remember I could reload to load up new recruits that would follow you and I always wanted the cool looking guys.

  17. I can't find this game!! please somebody help me

  18. hey do you happen to know a way to get the game now

  19. Loved this game as a kid, the first one ever I finished! years later I tried Sea Dogs 3 but it was much inferior.

  20. I loved this game! Icouldn't finish it because of a bug when I would load on to a beach, I'd love to replay!

  21. Someone help me to get this game please 🙏 😢

  22. I still regularly play the crap out of this game…. it's extremely underrated. Released around the same time as Morrowind, and honestly belongs in the same category of masterpiece as Morrowind.

  23. To this day, this is the best pirate game ever made. Nothing even comes close. Love that you can hijack other ships and add them to your fleet or you can sell them

  24. other games in this series, if you like the gameplay

    1: Sea Dogs (2000)
    2: Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) – Disney bought Sea Dogs II mid-development and rebranded
    3: Sea Dogs: Caribbean Tales (2006) – developer switched back to their own branding (Age of Pirates)
    4: Sea Dogs: City of Abandoned Ships (2009)
    5: Sea Dogs: To Each His Own (2016)

  25. I couldn't get my PC to run this god knows how long ago (it was a piece of trash) so here to see what I missed.

  26. Where can I find this game?, I don't find it in steam. It was a really great game.

  27. Had to search for this. Man, you are awesome for putting this up! What a wave of nostalgia that washed over me completely! Just absolutely fuckin floored watching this video! This was by far the best pirate game ever made, and as you've so lovingly demonstrated, it still holds up. Cheers mate 🍻

  28. great game… or i was too young to know better xD i remember companions were unkillable, i'd let them go to the front, soak all the damage and i'd just spam my 4 barelled pistol from safety

  29. Damn and here i thought i was the only person in the world that remembers this gem 😂. Seriously loved it as a kid. Still have my Xbox copy.

  30. I loved this game. played it for hours. how are you played this?

  31. the atmosphere in the game…music..trade in to 5 of all my games ever….good time's

  32. Played this game a lot when i was young, absolute masterpiece, stunning graphics and inmersive roleplay, great ship combat, for the time it was released, best pirates game ever, and one of the best rpgs that have been made

  33. On which configures do you play, because I think my pc is too „new“ for this game

  34. I loved this game so much …. Now i play Atlas…. But its no potc…..

  35. this is just the Peak of Pirates game. Played it back then on crappy PC and i will try it out now 20 years later

  36. Good job mate, nice to see some appreciation for this “hidden gem” 💎 I loved this game and I feel it still stands to this day, even after AC: Black Flag. I remember my brother killing the store keeper because he said, “I have everything you need!” My brother seemed to decline… 😅

  37. I truly believe if red dead made it, a modern version of this would be huge. I played a lot of games when I was a kid.. only world of warcraft origin was more addictive than this.

  38. Yo no way how are yo playing this game ?? I download this game from too many diferentes websites and when i run the game get closed, I basically can’t play this game and my computer is hight graphics I can play any shit but not this beautiful game ☹️ how do you download this game show us in a video how to download install and play this game so we can play this too

  39. Hey man, can I ask you: How did you get the game to run? Mine keeps crashing out of nowhere every couple of minutes and my saves often end up as "bad save".

  40. Pff….so many memories with this game. It was one of the first rpgs I have played. I remember I played this game in 2005 when I got my first PC. I really liked the graphics at that moment.

  41. Do you have a link or something where I can download it?

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