Pirates of the Caribbean – Physical Education Game (Chasing & Fleeing)

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  1. The booty box 🤢🤢🤣 naaa any name but that 🤣

  2. I cannot wait to try this game with my 4th & 5th grade classes.

  3. Played a version of your game today, kids loved it.

  4. What grades do you play this activity with?

  5. جميلة اللعبة جدًا ، the game it’s so funy

  6. If you didn't at least smile when he says "booty box", what are you doing?

  7. Ughhhhh I need to lead a group of y4s tmrw as a y11 I find all the activities I'm finding too long to explain and to long to keep on setting up since I need to lead for 45 mins and keep on changing it up

  8. I play something similar with a dragon theme; dragon’s cave and treasure and a village instead of the beach, dragons tag instead of pirates

  9. Thaks. ….you really help me in my jobe teatcher of sport

  10. Tried this with 5 – 8 year olds and they all loved it. thanks

  11. I like the illustration program you use when explaining games. What program is that?

  12. Thanks for this. I’m not very confident with teaching P.E and this helped a lot and I had a great lesson. I love how it gets the children to practise the game step by step. I showed the video to my class and it was a great visual for the SEN children in my class. Thanks for your hard work.

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