Pirates VR: Jolly Roger – game teaser

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  1. Does anyone notice that C,T,P, and G are bigger than any other letter in the teaser? What's up with that?

  2. Calling it now- too good to be true. And where's the kraken? You can't have a pirate game without a kraken!

  3. Is there a release date yet this trailer came out nearly a year ago

  4. Current planned release date is April 2023 according to Split Light’s official website

  5. This feels.. Fake.
    Its all CGI made to look like gameplay, and I never usually trust those, but that doesn't mean I don't want this game to exist

  6. Looks amazing but I have thalassophobia although I will still give it a try but I just don’t know lol and this kinda sucks this game looks amazing and I just won’t be able to enjoy it like everyone els maybe have a thalassophobia setting to make the sharks look fake and funny looking so people like me can enjoy the game just as much as everyone other than that great job and I’m definitely looking forward to this one

  7. This one is on my watch list for sure. Hopefully there is enough content to not get repetitive!

  8. Looks way too good to be a VR game. I'll add it to my wishlist, but I'll wait till I see some gameplay before trying it.

  9. remember seeing this trailer when it released, whats the progress on the game now?

  10. Hi it’s gonna be only Pcvr or stand-alone?

  11. I really hope this is real because this is gonna be the first pirate VR game ever

  12. This looks amazing! If you can keep this standard or better and release it on PlayStation VR2, I will absolutely buy it. I hope you receive all the support you need to make this an amazing title. Best wishes

  13. Guys…do a LITTLE BIT of research. The developer is Split Light Studio. They've made "Afterlife VR" and "Solar System" some of the biggest games out there for an indie studio. I doubt they made 2 really good games, made a bunch of money and then said "eh, let's scam everyone now or just not make it"

  14. Man if this is real it’s next level but idk if its real the yt acc seams fake beqauese the amount of subs

  15. 2 YEARS later and nothing happens , like "Star Cititzen" , ok Graphic looks really good (much better than seaofthieves "comicshitstyle") , but no ship driving , you are only on little island , not intresting

  16. Looks kinda prerendered, and not actual game play

  17. UE5 or? With those graphics when it comes to VR..

  18. Is there any plans to get this on psvr2? 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  19. Po świetnym Afterlife, czekam z niecierpliwością 💪

  20. I heard this will be coming to the PSVR2, is this true? Then this would be a must have title for me!

  21. I really hope this is coming to PS VR2 it looks so fun. 😀

  22. I hope things are going well for you. This looks great. God bless!

  23. This looks great! Just out of curiosity, are you guys still working on this game?

  24. I gotta say this is the game I dreamed of since playing AC black flag. And exactly what I want from a VR experience. Not dark horror, but stunning set pieces instead. I love it!

  25. it's been around 2 years and the games still not out yet but I'm sure you have gotten a lot done in the last 2 years so when you do think it will release? one other thing the graphics look REALLY good and considering at the start it says "the biggest Vr adventure" I'm going to guess that the game is going to be very big and I'm not sure if my computer will handle that good of graphics lol so can you add a setting where you can unjust the graphics to make them look worse to improve lag and also make it so my game doesn't crash right as you Lauch it lol.

  26. In the future I will be able to buy this game in the oculus quest store ????

  27. This looks great, hopefully they don't rush it and it's polished up real nice

  28. Holy shit bro if this is gameplay then you can color me impressed

  29. 2023 here we are, where is this game now? =<

  30. Coming to PSVR2? Papa please tell me yes!!! Lol this looks amazing gang

  31. Looks amazing. I wonder if it has some characters from the Pirates 3D movie?

  32. I would love to see how sailing will end up as u expect it to have a good ship battle experience i am waiting 😋

  33. Please PLEASE take your time with this. I think I speak for the community when I say we need a good pirate vr game. Sail vr is cool but its to glitchy and laggy. This needs to be different. This needs to be polished.

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