Pirates VR: Jolly Roger – game teaser

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  1. Wow looks stunning! If actual gameplay is even half as exciting his will be a fun ride

  2. Heck yeah, this is great! Any place we can follow the development of this, or perhaps help fund it through kickstarter? This really seems like something with a huge potential, and I'd love to take a closer look at it

  3. This looks like a AAA game! I'm blown away

  4. Woah visually this game looks amazing! I'm just hoping the gameplay meets the same standard because I wasn't seeing much of it in the trailer…

  5. It just looks fantastic. I must have it.. now 😅

  6. This looks to good to be true…but I hope it's true.

  7. I call bullshit. No way this game looks this good or plays this smooth.

  8. looks quite amazing i would like to see if it actually has sailing though and good sailing at that

  9. Woahh looks incredible… But… Yeah.. i dont know… Its scratching the "too good to be true" bone.

  10. This looks pretty insane. I'm super hyped.

  11. 24fps VR trailer and even with motion blur? Just what the heck were you thinking? The game looks really nice but, man… go 60fps without motion blur, next time.

  12. YEAH! A game that is not exclusive to the damn Quest 2! Thanks Split Light Studio 👍
    Please, add subtitles in several languages (French for me) 😉

  13. Looks fucking fantastic, I can't wait to play it!

  14. Ok I'm very intrigued…. Being ported to psvr anytime? Would love to do a review for the channel with 7.35k subs ATM.

  15. Not a huge fan of CGI trailers trying to pretend they're showing gameplay, but I could go for a half way decent pirate game.

  16. Looks super cool! Please deliver on the promise!

  17. Finally a new VR game with stunning graphics.😎 And not with sub-par mobile Quest2 graphics like almost every new VR game.
    -> Wishlisted 👍

  18. Looks cool af but does anyone else climbing in vr

    Also those graphics. Are they gameplay graphics??? Or pre rendered

  19. All this trailer shows is scripted events..in vr a camera that shifts all over the show on its own will make you throw your guts up..this is an easy pass at the moment.

  20. Is this actual gameplay and on what hardware is it running?

    Don't build up our expectations only to let us down.

  21. Sorry I'm not buying it, This Looks like a fully pre-rendered cutscene and the movements of the camera give it away. This is 100% not how the in game graphics will look.

  22. if this is gameplay, I'm 100% in. But idk, looks too good to be true

  23. Would it be justified to pirate this game?

    On a serious note, this doesn't look like much of a pirate game. We didn't see one actual pirate activity in this trailer. The trailer pretty much just showed exploring, climbing, swimming, drinking, and collecting treasure.

  24. 2 things:

    There was nothing shown of actual sailing. I really hope to see sailing capability in the final product

    Also, this is hints of EA trailer gimics. None of that was actual game play and it looked far too pristine to be a VR title.

  25. RIP framerate? Some of the graphics look fairly intense.

    Other than that, will it have Linux support? And, what is the song in the background?

  26. whats with the pre rendered? ur not fooling anyone.. i dont believe it

  27. so sick, how come noone's hyping this up yet? Uploadvr – nothing, readtovr – nada…

  28. Would be a great game but so many things make it seem to good to be true and probably will take years to make

  29. Would be 60 euro if it is looking like this

  30. only single player…? :/ a pirate game has to be multiplayer

  31. Really looking forward to this, gonna buy it day one

  32. If you're gonna make a pirate game, you NEED to get a few things in there:
    1. Ships. Yes people might get seasick, make a setting to disable ship wobble then. If I'm not holding the steering wheel with 2 occulus rift s controllers im gonna lose it
    2. Swordplay. Not to the level of blade and sorcery but at least decent sword physics
    3. Prettier. We could seriously use some bright beautiful ocean aesthetic right now, sitting on a sandy beach on a warm sumer day after a long day pirating would BRING ME BACK REPEATEDLY

  33. no seriously, is there a beta I can sign up for?

  34. If this is half as good as shown it would be amazing, but as a experienced gamer and developer, this is pure fake advertisement like those ads of android games. Pre rendered scenes everywhere, this is not half ready, not even to make a trailer. Talk to us once you have some real gameplay guys.

  35. I want sea of thieves in vr so I’m all for it

  36. I don't know about virtual reality but I'd like to have this as a regular playable game for PlayStation 4 something to compete with sea of Thieves on Xbox

  37. meh. too many heavy scripted, over dramatic and obvious CG imitating ingame trailers have taught me to be extremely skeptical of new releases these days.

  38. If I had vr headset I'l be on board.

  39. will it come to Quest 2 or do u not know?

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