Pirates vs. A’s Game Highlights (4/29/24) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. A’s full game highlights from 4/29/24

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  1. i love how the pirates start out hot then turn back to the pirates

  2. I was at this game, it was a good one! Also shoutout Tyler Nevin for the awesome walk-up song, Coming Undone by Korn. I'm a Mariner's fan but go A's!

  3. Why does toro run like he’s in a speed walking competition? lol

  4. It hurts. I want to support these A's. But they'll be gone next year.

  5. Wow this A’s team is looking impressive…

  6. We need Boyle to rock the Wild Thing haircut and entrance music at least once this season. 😎

  7. Damn, As are 3rd in their conference and not too far off 2nd. Not what i expected

  8. one time just once i want the pirates to look like they do the first 15 games for the whole season

  9. A's bullpen is legit. Something to be happy about for the team

  10. Man, I can't wait to see them in Sacramento next year. Great game.

  11. Same old Pirates. I see why the MLB channel doesn’t show their games. They are bad!😞

  12. how can the pirates turn the worst of teams into the best of team whenever they play them

  13. Toro runs like he’s prairie dogging. And the Pirates need to get rid of Shelton

  14. The Oakland Athletics are 13-17🟢🟡⚪️

  15. A's are shocking the world together with the Twins

  16. It was a pathetic display of hitting by the pirates

  17. Don't think anyone expected the A's to start out this good this year. They could even be a problem for the Astros who they have a series against in a couple weeks so that should be interesting…

  18. I’m from Oakland and we used to hop the center field fence to see the game in the 70’s. It’s really sad to see nobody in the stands. If the A’s could start winning it would help 🙏👍🙏

  19. Rowdy Tellez is horrible lol i thought he would be motivated this year after Brewers said no more

  20. Man the Pirates just got done with the Giants and continues to lose. I just hope the current A's could give a World series win or at least a AL championship before they leave Oakland

  21. Looks like Kotsay and the management are building a winner the right way, with pitching and defense…Sacramento A's, world champions?

  22. Good lookin' baseball there, A's. Keep battling. –Always an Oakland A's fan.

  23. The Pirates have no chance of breaking .500 with this lineup.

  24. Is this the last season in Oakland for The A's before they relocate to Vegas ?

  25. Pirates lose again surprise surprise time for the pirates to leave Pittsburgh

  26. Hey pirates fans, Do you remember when are team was good 😭😭

  27. Time for the Pirates to start firing coaches. Start with the hitting coach, then Shelton.

  28. Tie Game Series 1 a Piece Pittsburgh Pirates VS Oakland Athletics

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