Pirates vs. A’s Game Highlights (4/30/24) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. A’s full game highlights from 4/30/24

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  1. I think Kermitfrog wants people to read his comment

  2. Hear me out , Oakland goes full 1995 Mariners make a playoff run save baseball in OAKLAND !!!

  3. This editing is really weird, when the video reached 60% of the duration it's still on the bottom of 2nd. The last 6 outs for Pirates are all K, so I wished they show not only Miller's, but also Erceg's. I understand they probably want to upload as fast as possible, but please don't sacrifice the quality.

  4. Orioles are better than these pirates bums
    Baltimore > Sh¹tsburgh

  5. theyre gonna make another movie about the A's

  6. Guys.. Oakland is beating …. Wait for it … THE PIRATES … don’t get to excited one team of AAA players can beat another team of AAA players 😂😂😂😂

  7. Looks like 35% fans are in the stadium

  8. The Oakland Athletics are 14-17🟢🟡⚪️

  9. Just started following the pirates for the first time this season. And man was that a brutal decision in hindsight 😅

  10. The As might have a winning last season at rhe coliseum

  11. Seth brown’s catch from last night didn’t make the highlight 😞

  12. When Oakland beats on the pirates you can consider the season over for the pirates

  13. My A's are playing really good this year. Maybe just maybe we find a way to sneak into the postseason as a wildcard.🎉

  14. A's are probably the most fun team to watch in the MLB right now.

    Las Vegas Athletics!

  15. Great looking uniforms for both clubs in this one. Gotta be sharp out there.

  16. This team should be sold, A's history is in Oakland where they should remain.

  17. Tie Game Series 1 a Piece Pittsburgh Pirates VS Oakland Athletics

  18. These hitters nowadays don't protect the plate when they have 2 strikes, back in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's would protect that plate with 2 strikes………these hitters don't believe in that mindset anymore……….strikeout like it doesn't hurt the chances of winning!!!!!!

  19. Tie Game Series 2 a Piece Pittsburgh Pirates VS Oakland Athletics

  20. With little support from John Fisher, The As are playing some good baseball !

  21. what is up with this video? 6 of 9 minutes are the first 2 innings, where only 3 runs were scored? Another 90 seconds for 2 plays in the 4th innings. That only left 1:15 for the entire rest of the game

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