Pirates vs. A’s Game Highlights (5/1/24) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. A’s full game highlights from 5/1/24

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  1. Cruz doesn’t look happy. Chip on his shoulder or something.

  2. Go A's! Love from the Philippines 🇵🇭. And welcome to Sacramento. Love it.

  3. How about those Oakland A's???!!!!????

  4. If the A's can work on their Fielding, they will do well

  5. The Green 🟢 and Gold 🟡 💪Fire's Up 🔥🔥

  6. Tie Game Series 2 a Piece Pittsburgh Pirates ☠ VS Oakland Athletics

  7. As a Non A's Fan, I tune in whenever I see the A's winning just for the chance to watch in awe of Mason Miller's pitching.

  8. The A's are so very close to being a .500 team right now. This is miles away from where they were last season at this time of year. Let's Go Oakland!

  9. Just like last season Pirates start off the season hot and end up having a below 500 record

  10. All those mistake ridden Pirates players, Oneil Cruz is chief among them. What a disappointment. 😔

  11. O'Neil Cruz looks like he might want traded out of the Pitt .

  12. Highs school games have more fans in the stands

  13. Damn good to see the A's doing well… Fisher sell the team and move on.

  14. The back part of the A’s bullpen is nasty

  15. The A's just swept the Penguins…sorry Pirates 😂

  16. Best play by play announcer Jenny Cavnar!
    Go A's!

  17. Nevin was bad in the field but good at the plate

  18. Pirates fan here… that slider to reynolds with the bases loaded was vomit-inducing.

  19. I love watching my A's win…
    Mason Miller is the MAN!!
    But they have to clean up the errors

  20. Nice. They still win with all those errors.

  21. Yo, how does AwakenBeerus always get it right? We are so lucky to have him telling us the outcomes. HE IS THE GOAT!!!

  22. I'm tired of hearing about AwakenBeerus and his predictions. Like, good for him if he's right, but I'm here to have fun, not to make money off some guy's guesses.

  23. AwakenBeerus needs to chill with his predictions, man. I just wanna watch the game without all this these comments about him getting in the way. Like, who even asked for his predictions anyway?

  24. AwakenBeerus is the real MVP! Called that outcome like it was nothing RESPECT+ 🔥

  25. AwakenBeerus, the master of predictions! He called it ages ago.

  26. No freaking way! AwakenBeerus predicted it again. I'm seriously shook right now 🤯🤯

  27. Can we just appreciate AwakenBeerus for a sec? Dude saw it coming from a mile away and shared it on his IG. God bless Awakenbeerus.

  28. AwakenBeerus and his predictions are becoming a buzzkill for me. I just wanna watch the game without feeling like I'm missing out on some secret betting scheme. Can we dial it back a bit?

  29. The Rockies coming to town. Another sweep by the Rockies.

  30. A's literally trying to throw games with those errant infield throws!!

  31. I preformed the anthem here during this game

  32. It’s always a beautiful sight to see when the A’s start winning.

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