Pirates vs. Brewers Game Highlights (6/16/23) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. Brewers full game highlights from 6/16/23

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  1. i want a mlb team that doesnt go down the drain mid season

  2. I'm always surprised when a divisional game happens

  3. Is batting obstruction included in the number of at-bats?Also, will it be included in my score even if I step on the home base with my ally's home run after hitting the base due to a hit obstruction?

  4. I'm quick, but if Ramon Urias and Luis Urias are selected for the next World Baseball Classic, do you think they are second baseman Louis Urias and shortstop Ramon Urias? Or do you think second baseman Ramon Urias, shortstop Louis Urias?

  5. Why is Dumbdumb Counsell pulling Teheran with 85 pitches? Fool almost cost them the game again.

  6. Good game by N.L. Central Rivals. Reds fan here. Watch out for the Cardinal summer heatwave. They should get hot

  7. Christian Yelich and the Milwaukee Brewers wins the first ballgame over Andrew McCutchen and the Pittsburgh Pirates ⚾🔵🟡⚪🍺

  8. Ninth inning call was not a strike 3

  9. that was a fun game to watch gonna be a good series. Happy Mitch day

  10. The Milwaukee Brewers are 35-34🔵🟡⚪️Ⓜ️🍺

  11. Wow, it feels like ages since the brewers actually won a game

  12. Has Milwaukee worn any other jersey for their home games this year?

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  14. Man what's up with these Bucs bullpen pitchers. They stink lately.

  15. Love it! More Ueker announced plays too! Thank you so much!

  16. When you walk in a run in the first inning that should not only result in the pitcher being pulled but also given a flight to Triple A. Do not sit in dugout, do not shower, go directly to AAA.

  17. That play by Urius in the 4th was insane.

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