Pirates vs. Cardinals Game Highlights (4/7/22) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. Cardinals full game highlights from 4/7/22

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  1. They reviewed that homerun just to show the new rule 😞 . Rules weren't the problem in the game . It's the umpires having too much effect with their bad calls and huge egos. Also the commentators need to stop tryin for Cooperstown 😒

  2. Questions for Cardinal fans:
    While looking over yesterday's boxscores, Wainwright caught my eye for being a 40 year old opening day starter.
    (Not as remarkable as who the Mets started)
    I didn't know an enormous amount about him, but he seems to have pretty good career numbers
    My questions:
    Do you think Wainwright should be a HoFer?
    Also, what do you think his chances are for being elected?
    Generally speaking, assume that the assessment is based on his current career numbers
    Pre-thanks in advance

  3. Cardinals roster is dangerous. I am from Canada and this is a possibility the 2022 World Series could be Cardinals vs. Jays.

  4. I am beyond excited for this season!! It’s gonna be so sad to see Yadi and Albert go but I’m gonna try and catch as many moments as I can this year. Go Cards!!!!

  5. Man this Cardinals team looks awesome. Can I trade local broadcasts? These red birds look like they're about to have a real fun season to watch

  6. you can already tell it's going to be a special year for the ol buccos.

  7. Cried watching the opener. So happy to see Pujols back on the team. Perfect game!

  8. Pirates off the a fast start!!! 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️ #50Wins

  9. I know Yadi/Pujols are done but Waino is still sharp as ever. The Art of Pitching every time he's out there.

  10. I just do not get why people are still trying to steal on the goat in 2022. how long has it been and they still have not learned

  11. I don't care about the Cardinals and I'm still made at them for beating the Nationals in the 2012 playoffs. But I kinda wish Molina would play forever.

  12. The Cardinals nation is back and we're coming for the 🏆.

  13. I'm gonna be an Albert Pujlos fan this year since he has returned to the Cardinals where he started his MLB career.

  14. Genuine respect to the Cards for practically hosting an Old Timers Day on opening day.

  15. I really enjoyed watching Pujols play in Dodger blue. Wish they kept him. Hopefully he gets to 700 this year, with the team he began his career with. Glad baseball is back!

  16. So excited for this season! Gooooooo Cardinals!!!

  17. Anybody notice what Yadi did to Oli with the game ball at the end ? Hilarious! And that is why Yadi is such a great leader . Great win , keep it going . It’s the Bucs . We should be 4 and 0 after this series .

  18. I don't watch alot of baseball, the pirates are a professional baseball team you say?

  19. Dude divorces his wife after she had brain surgery and gets a standing ovation… same old St Louis!

  20. I lovet the Cardinals make some highlights of them

  21. I miss Tio Albert. I enjoyed the time we had him last season. Such a great leader

  22. ハマのゴジラ頑張れ!負けるな!

  23. Cloud 9 on opening day. What a way to start the season how the Cardinals have played.

  24. Five RBI’s for Tyler O’Neil on opening day. Wow! 😮

  25. If miles mikolas is back to his goodself does that mean we have one of our special pitchers back miles mikolas was a special pitcher until his injuries

  26. Пухолс вернулся вот так новость…блудный сын домой возвратился поблуждал по калифорнии ничего не выиграл и на хаус!))

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