Pirates vs. Cardinals Game Highlights (4/7/22) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. Cardinals full game highlights from 4/7/22

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  1. O’Niell is going to be a darkhorse candidate for N.L. MVP.

  2. What a great Opening Day Win to start the season off. A lot of promise for whats to come in this season. Great pitching and great offense all around. Have a day O'Neil with a homer and 5 RBIs! He could easily be in the running for the MVP! Welcome back Albert Pujols! It's great to have you back for one last ride with Yadi and Waino. Let's go win the World Series with the trio back together! Let's go Redbirds!

  3. Baseball is back. No better feeling.
    Also cards pay O'Neill. Before it's too late. 5 rbi opening day. C'mon now.

  4. You know a lineup is bad when Daniel vogelbach is leading off. Yikes

  5. Those homers look beautiful going over that Left Field Wall wow just amazing

  6. Hmm… lemme go take another peek at Tyler's rookie cards…. see how those prices are at the moment…

  7. What a great win all around for the Cardinals. Pitching and fielding was great and hitting was phenomenal

  8. The St.Louis Cardinals are 1-0🔴⚪️

  9. Uhhh why is Vogelbach hitting leadoff lol

  10. Getting blown out on Opening Day..nothing quite like Pirates baseball

  11. This is why I love my cards 😍❤🤍

  12. The pirates are in mid season form

  13. Already have a good feeling about this team! As long as everyone stays healthy the Cardinals should be post season bound!

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