Pirates vs. Dodgers Game Highlights (5/30/22) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. Dodgers full game highlights from 5/30/22

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  1. I was at this game and man was it a great game

  2. What happened in the 6th where he got the triple but was then not on base in the next clip? There were no extra runs and a new out. Picked off?

  3. What is with the home plate umpires the last few Dodgers games? They're making terrible calls, especially in these Pirates games.

  4. Rough loss for the dodgers! It’s okay we’ll come back and hit even harder

  5. Who knew the Dodgers kryptonite would be the Pirates LMAOO, I knew Kimbrel would fk up soon, his stats are terrible

  6. I miss you Kenley I’m sorry we were so hard on you last year :’(

  7. Cut off on the caviar, Dodgers, you overpaid.

  8. Defense is so sus man I’m not liking it dodgers

  9. Dont blame kimbrel jesus christ with these fans. Blame the plays we aren't making. You don't get nor deserve to get rewarded for being the worse team. Buehler made some bad pitches too but this was on the defense.

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