Pirates vs. Giants Game Highlights (5/29/23) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. Giants full game highlights from 5/29/23, presented by @WoodbridgeWines

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  1. 7th inning was the longest inning because they were hitting so good. I think Casey should give everyone a Sour Patch Kid before each game

  2. Having position players pitch is just so dumb. I mean, if mlb wants pitchers to be specialists that don't bat, then make them pitch. Only rostered pitchers should be on the mound. Real baseball fans don't want to watch batting practice.

  3. Vamos Giants ,que buen juego de hoy !! Ojalá que sigan asi ensendidos y ganando .

  4. Some shocking defense on display in this game but that sure made it fun lol

  5. We just found our future catcher. Good riddens Joey Bart.

  6. Slater was out when he ripped the ball out of of Castro's glove. Hallberg is an idiot. Rule number 1 for base coaches, don't touch.

  7. Wow, nice job by the hitters today! That score is all the more impressive when you consider that two of the Pirates' four runs were due to Slater's outfield blunders, and a third was a home run off a position player. Plus we cost ourselves an extra run with Hallberg's mistake – could've easily been 15-1 again. 🤣🤣

  8. Suwinski is otherworldly, that second shot must have landed 100 feet into the bay

  9. Slater has got to be the best utility player in the MLB. He's so clutch.

  10. Giants fan – impressed that someone hit two into the bay, that's awesome.

  11. That second splash homerun was a Barry Bonds homerun

  12. Es una burla para el fanático que hagan esto de meter a un pelotero que nos pitcher y que el equipo que va perdiendo lo sigan apaleando eso es una falta de respeto y burla para el que paga la asistencia al estadio,debería la MLB prohibir está anomalía y que todos los equipos luchen buscando la victoria pero……..parece ser que nadie le interesa

  13. Giants have been good ball lately, rookies Schmitt and Bailey have given this team a boost.

  14. I love hearing Davis' name every time! That's my boy! 30 RBIs on the year and helping his team with giving them the opportunity for some RBIs!

  15. I guess it’s safe to assume that Bart is history as a Giant

  16. The San Francisco Giants are 28-26⚫️🟠⚪️🌉🌁

  17. Casey Schmidt and Patrick Bailey are the future of the giants

  18. Can someone explain to me why they get position players to come in and pitch? Is it because it's a blow out and they will just rest their bullpens arms?

  19. i don't think i've ever seen the winning team use a position player to pitch, good game Giants!!

  20. It’s a lot of excitement for my Giants not just they’re red hot team in last two weeks or so but we finally have homegrown young talents especially with Gabe Kapler and our coaching staff.

  21. Congratulations Giants for another great game.

  22. Just got to love these "football" scores:

    Steelers=Two safeties
    49ers=Two touchdowns, and two extra points

  23. 6:13 I don't think I've ever seen a play like this, where a collision knocks the ball out of the 3B's glove and the runner goes out because his 3B coach literally pulls him back onto the bag to record the safe call. That's gotta be a major no-no teaching for that position, crazy to see.

  24. I’m not a Giants fan but for me This was my first Game to Oracle park and the Giants didn’t disappoint congrats to them on a Great performance.

  25. Rich Hill needs to be outright released. That dude…FFS

  26. Unleash the Giants within me as Casey Schmitt and the San Francisco Giants wins the first ballgame over Bryan Reynolds and the Pittsburgh Pirates, adios pelota! ⚾⚫🟠🌉

  27. Start Casey Schmitt and Patrick Bailey from now ON

  28. That kayaker was inches away from getting drilled by that second homer 😂😂

  29. I bet on Bryce Johnson 0 stolen bases. Gets his first stolen base all year… for fucks sake

  30. We're cracking the bat's again!!! I pray we won't go into a June swoon Though!! Let's go San Francisco Giants!!!

  31. Thank you Farhan Zaidi! These young guys on top of getting value in the off season is paying off for everyone. It started off slow but the Giants are playing great ball and I have to tip my cap to putting together a great team and a great farm system. These kids are ready to play and contribute when called upon.

  32. So proud of this team. They're coming together as a team. No giants torture today

  33. The Farhan haters are slowly disappearing

  34. Pirates fan – I was so pissed when 3B coach touched the runner… giants could have had an even bigger inning LOL

  35. So (if i am not mistaken) is number 100 that the ball ends up in the water!

  36. Jack Suwinski is just Barry Bonds in whiteface and a wig.

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