Pirates vs. Giants Game Highlights (5/29/23) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. Giants full game highlights from 5/29/23, presented by @WoodbridgeWines

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  1. I caught covid at this game. But at least the Giants won.

  2. This was my first ever baseball game, and I was lucky enough to get both of our home runs on video!!! Amazing job as always Giants! It’s always an amazing time at Oracle Park!!!🖤🧡

  3. Damn my team needs a DH for every defense position they got, specially Yaz no offense for sure!

  4. Was at the game, I loved the position players pitching at the end lol

  5. The Great Greg Brown On The Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball TV Network

  6. I was there at this game and WOW, What a HUGE win and also a blowout game!!!! Way to go Patrick Bailey on his 2nd home run and Happy Birthday Patrick Bailey 5:20!!!!! You did so great Giants and scoring 8 runs in one inning is so incredible and I would have never expect that at all!!!!! Let's try to win the series tomorrow and I'll be at tomorrows game and good luck to John Brebbia!!!!! You got this tomorrow Giants and YOU DID SO GREAT THIS GAME WINNING 14 -4 AND EXTENDING THEIR WINNING RECROD GIANTS!!!!! GREAT JOB AND GO GIANTS AND SEE YOU AT TOMORROWS GAME!!!!!

  7. Position Players pitching to close out a game, never a good sign for one team. Great Job Giants.

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