Pirates vs. Mariners Game Highlights (5/28/23) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. Mariners full game highlights from 5/28/23, presented by @WoodbridgeWines

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  1. I know Kelenic is our best hitter this year but intentionally walking him to bring up walk-off specialist and .380 batter with RISP Geno might not have been the smartest move.

  2. I was at this game love to see the Ms walk it off!!!

  3. Almost below 500 , thats the Pirates we know

  4. Pretty cool how they edit in the different team's announcer depending on which team's highlight play it is.

  5. I was there it was my first MLB game I’ve been glad to see the mariners won on. G first MLB game I went

  6. I am shocked a player or manager from either side wasnt ejected arguing strikes and balls.

  7. What a crazy way to win it! The Mariners momentum is just getting started, ggs to a solid Pirates team. Go M’s!

  8. Another great outing by Marco and Ms are 6 and 1 on the homestand so far. Cry more Anthony!!!

  9. Keep in mind – Mariners pitching is 1st in fWAR by a massive 1.7 margin

  10. 심판의 볼판정을 자동화 해야 한다…

  11. The mariner fans show out👏🏼 props to you guys💪🏼

  12. Mariners are just the Best in my opinión and eugenio and scaucedo you guys did a increíble job

  13. When they hold the Trident it is pointed up. They should not wear the hats with the upside down trident…bad luck and they play like an expansion team. When they play in the dark blues with the S on the hat they play better.

  14. Pirates have to travel back to Pittsburgh 2,523 miles

  15. (From the Heavenly press box)

    Dave Niehaus: The pitch on the way to Geno, swing and a high fly ball, deep to left field, and it will fly, fly, fly away!!! Eugenio Suarez deep-six’s it to left field, and the Mariners win it 6-3! I don’t believe it! MY OH MY!!!

  16. 7:57 I'm not even a Mariners fan BUT that roar from the crowd is chilling AF😮

  17. Saucedo was awesome.🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  18. I had a feeling that the Mariners would eventually win this game!
    My Oh My!
    Julio, Raleigh and Geno all hitting bombs to the bleachers!

    Mariners are going to be REALLY DANGEROUS when they slug like today and display excellent pitching!

    Go Mariners!
    Seattle will take the AL West Division Title this year!

  19. I took my boy to his first MLB game 9/11/22 in Seattle. I believe they were playing the Atlanta Braves. Extra innings M’s down by two walk off home run!!!! M’s win it!!! I told him…”ball games don’t get any better than that!” I think I had more fun than my Son did

  20. The fans who attended this game really got their money's worth

  21. This looks so rival.. mariners vs pirates.. battle of the Sea

  22. Glad I sent to today's game and stayed until the end! It was worth taking forever to get home😅😅😅

  23. Glad Geno is waking up with the RBIs again, Rod is on fire!!

  24. Pretty amazing that all it took for Julio to get right in the batters box was a 4gamer vs. the A's lol

  25. Great win for the M's …take 2 of 3 against the evil empire over the next few days and we will be set for the season….Kudos to Pittsburgh, they have a solid team.. hopefully they can make a run this year

  26. The commenter woke up when the Pirates got a triple in the 8th. A great game, all in all.

  27. Eugenio Suarez and the Seattle Mariners wins the walk off home run over Andrew McCutchen and the Pittsburgh Pirates, what a huge comeback! ⚾🔵🟢⚓

  28. A sweet win to savor before losing the next three against the Yanks!

  29. Saucedo isn’t getting enough love for this game. Dude was CLUTCH

  30. The Seattle Mariners are 28-25🔵🟢⚪️⚓️⛴

  31. J rod is back and so are the M’s!!!

  32. In the first inning, Reynolds had no real argument on that called 3rd strike. It got some of the bottom of the zone. Bae, however had a legitimate gripe.

  33. Mariners beginning to turn this season around!!!

  34. Connor Joe…. Connor Joe!!!!! And he leaps and it's goooonnnnneeeee!!!

  35. I know I'm biased when it comes to announcers, but Mariners really do have the best radio and tv announcers for the games. Hearing other teams play by play guys, they just don't compare at all. Goldy is just gold!

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