Pirates vs. Marlins Game Highlights (6/25/23) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. Marlins full game highlights from 6/25/23

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  1. The Miami Marlins are 45-34⚫️🟠🟢⚪️🐠☀️🏖🌇

  2. 페레즈는 진짜 특급 신인이다👍 이대로만 가면 신인왕도 가능할것 같은데

  3. Pirates need more yellow to go with the black

  4. Who thought the day would come that I’d watch a pirates vs marlins highlights

  5. Perez could win the NL Cy Young at this rate which would be ironic as last year's Cy Young is his mentor and teammate.

  6. Good to see some sort of life in the stands!

  7. I hate how players nowadays run the bases. Go Fish

  8. Despite the Pirates winning only 1 out of 4, they only had a -3 differential. The Pirates starting pitchers deserve better than this. Apart from game 1 where the bullpen blew it, they kept the Bucs close in games the whole series and the bats just straight up went silent. Should have won at least 2 of 4 the way the starters pitched. The Bucs will never be relevant as long as Andy Haines is the hitting coach.

  9. Marlins-Reds NLCS?
    "I would love it and I think i deserve it"

  10. Slowest uploaders in sports!

    Go Marlins!

  11. This is kinda where i expected the Mets to be at this point, Marlins got it going on

  12. How many Pirates games get blown wide open for a loss on a ball hit past Hayes at 3B, who continues to play well off the line with runners on base. It is absurd that he nor coaches have any sense about how to play that position. 20% or more of pirates games go our of reach as a result of the onslaught innings with balls hit past Hayes. This is embarrassing! This is pathetic at the major league level. And that is just one major problem the Pirates suffer from. There are a dozen more issues…. F-Nutting!!!!

  13. Winning these close games will only help if we make the wild card. GO FISH

  14. 3 hard earned wins for the Marlins in this small ball series

  15. Arguably the best Marlins rookie since Jose Fernandez I suppose

  16. I'm convinced the Pirates are just intentionally throwing at the bats of the other team.

  17. The pirates aren't even trying they are there just to play and get a hefty paycheck how can you go from a contender to a laughing stock

  18. Eury Perez is the most dominant rookie pitcher since Jose Fernandez!!!

  19. When pitchers are negotiating a new contract or are at arbitration and their agents say they set career highs in K’s and they’re asked against which team and it’s the Pirates, nobody cares. Every pitcher has career high K’s against this non-hitting collective. Pathetic.

  20. Garrett Cooper and the Miami Marlins wins the final ballgame over Andrew McCutchen and the Pittsburgh Pirates, nicely done ⚾🔵⚫🌴

  21. The Pirates are just so so so bad…no real relief in sight after 30 years.

  22. Disband pirates
    Move them to Oakland Ca.

  23. Eury Perez el Flaco de la Bahia Pueblo Nuevo🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾

  24. The pirates need better players the only actually good players are Joe, Bae, Davis, Suwinski (sometimes), and Hedges. Like McCutchen isn't even a good player people just think he is.

  25. Eury has electric stuff. A well-earned win for him and the Fish! Let’s keep it up next series!

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