Pirates vs. Nationals Game 2 Highlights (4/29/23) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. Nationals full game 2 highlights from 4/29/23

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  1. It's nice to see a team that nobody thought would be crushing it. Congrats to those who are real Pirate fans who have lived through the pain for all these years.

    Have a year boys

  2. Blackbeard be proud of these fiesty pirates

  3. If pathetic senile ol biden wasn’t president the score would be opposite

  4. The Pittsburgh Pirates… the anti New York Mutts. 60 million vs. 360 million.

    Guys who play hard, have mastered the fundamentals and work so well as a group compared to an old, injured, gutless team who show no heart and play like the game is lost after they give up the first run.

    Unfortunately, I am a Mess fan but for 2023 I can happily admit I am on the bandwagon.

  5. Thats for beating the Mets twice serves you right Nats

  6. don’t let the other more notable aspects of this game distract you from the fact that lane thomas was sitting 89 on his fastball

  7. Enjoy it, Pirates fans, it's not gonna last all the season!

  8. The serotonin boost in my brain seeing maggi get those hits is crazy. And I’m not even a pirates fan.

  9. Awesome hit Maggi i havent had something that big to cheer about in a long time, this looked like a T ball game. 15 run rule in effect.

  10. Pirates beat Yankees in 5 games in the world series

  11. Santana의 매력에서 많은 이들이 당분간 못 빠져나올 거 같다.

  12. As a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan I couldn't be happier for Drew Maggi…
    Long career in minors and finally it's happening for him.
    Never give up on your dreams

  13. Best team to watch in baseball at the moment!!

  14. I can't REALLY believe what I'm watching!!!!? My late father and I who were Steelers season ticket holders ALWAYS said that we were crying 😭 for years for the pirate FANS!!!!?? I pray 🙏 for them to make a run this year!!? They're certainly going in the proper direction!!!!! I was born in 73 and the last time the pirate's won was 79!!!!!! That's just crazy 😧🤣!!!!!!!? I 🙏 pray for their amazing season to continue!!!!!!! If nothing else? Just the Pirate FANS who are loyal and go to every single damn game!!!! Love you guys, and raise the JOLLY RANCHER!!!!! LoL 🤣 like Amy Lawrence says!!!!!? LoL 🤣 what a TOTAL buffoon!!! She makin fun of us y'all!!! LETS make fun of her and raise that pennant!!!!!

  15. SMASHING IT PIRATES!!!!!!!!! SMASHING IT!! 🏴‍☠️💛

  16. The Lumber Company has returned…😊😊😊

  17. I feel bad now for bashing the management over the past few years. I guess there was a method to the seemingly madness. So much fun to watch.

  18. Wow. Great job, Pirates. About time we beat bad teams!

  19. They were toying with them in the first game…not the second

  20. Raise the Jolly Roger again as Carlos Santana and the Pittsburgh Pirates sunk Lane Thomas and the Washington Nationals in their doubleheader, Jack Suwinski in his first Grand Slam of the season! ⚾⚫🟡🏴‍☠️☠️

  21. Drew Maggi already made his debut but he didn’t get his first Major League hit until last night, I’m glad it was against us and I know he will do amazing in the rest of his career in the big leagues. How in the actual world did we give up 16 runs, our pitching staff must be going crazy or something. Happy it wasn’t a shutout and I’m happy I got to see the Lane Train pitch but that was an awful game for us, we need to work on our pitching it sucked. Also those fedoras are awesome. Unfortunately Chad’s wife (who he drove to chemo 2 days ago) got to see him give up 8 runs in the first few innings.

  22. Everybody is chipping in for those wins and it's beyond fun to watch. Small ball, hustling to get that extra base, speed on the bases and stealing them (as Pirates should), hitting cannonballs or smacking one down the line, opposite field base hits… exciting defense (most of the time) and quality pitching, starting and relief…. all led by Captian Shelty and his crew who have shown to be fine navigators… Pirate Nation is going to take all ballparks by storm… damn it, Pirates… keep it going… I love you guys….

  23. After so many years of futility, pain, and suffering, it makes me feel so happy to see the pirates winning. I hope we can keep this up. Seriously. It’s been a long and dark road the past few seasons


  25. Baseball ⚾️ 🧢 yes this a great game. I feel good🎉🎈⚾️🎉
    Go 🌟… bucs baseball ⚾️

  26. The last time i was hype and excited about a MLB game it was when the Sammy Sosa vs Mark McGwire homerun era, now the Pittsburgh Pirates with this awesome team has got me off guard. This is so awesome that i have never cried on an MLB story before, until Drew Maggi story came. Maggi, The Pirates, The city of Pittsburgh and every fan, this is perseverance, not giving up your dreams no matter what it takes, no matter how long. Go Pirates, Clemente would be proud. ❤🦜🏴‍☠️🇵🇷

  27. From losing 101 games 2 years ago and 100 games laat year to the best record in nl this fast
    If they keep this up it will be the biggest cinderella story in baseball history
    Because this has never happened before

  28. Would you love to see a pirates vs orioles ws this year
    2 young teams who became good outa nowhere shocked everyone and are this good early when they should have

    The "cinderella story ws

  29. I'm 43 years old, and this is by the far the most magical early season of my lifetime. The Pirates won the World Series in '79 a couple months before I was born. The playoff runs of the early 90's and then with McCutcheon his first time in Pittsburgh were great, BUT, that's how the season ENDED UP. In terms of "how the Pirates started", this season is unreal. We're entering May battling for the best record in baseball, and we've been arguably the WORST team in baseball over the prior two years. Then throw in Drew Maggi. Just MAGIC!

  30. This game was nuts! Hope they can keep this going through the summer!

  31. And ESPN just moved them up 7 spots to14.???

  32. You think Connor Joe and Drew Maggi are friends??

  33. Born and raised in Pittsburgh and now live part time in Tampa and Pittsburgh. Both teams, Tampa and Pittsburgh are currently 1 and 2 overall. I am loving the new Pirates team. I will be going to the Tampa vs Pirates in Florida to root for the Buccos!!!!!

  34. Verdaderamente que estos piratas no creen nadie ojalá que este sea su año para ser campeones

  35. Spencer strider is y’all daddy 😂

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