Pirates vs. Orioles Game Highlights (5/13/23) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. Orioles full game highlights from 5/13/23, presented by @WoodbridgeWines

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  1. O!








  2. The Pirates are getting schooled by teams in the AL East who are Playoff/World Series contenders. they had a nice run in April against weak teams but are being exposed now…They're improved but nowhere near the calibre of the teams they've played over the last two weeks…They should be under .500 by the middle of next week…

  3. That was an amazing catch for Orioles 25, so impresive!
    #2023 ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  4. I know it's early in this season, but I can't wait to see what the Orioles can do in the Playoffs

  5. Pirates went from 20-6 to 21-19 in a blink of an eye

  6. I respect the orioles and how good their season is so far. But damn that f***ing umpire for those terrible calls at the plate.

  7. Terrible umpires 😂. Great catch Santander

  8. 미국의 한화인줄 알았는데… 왤케 잘하냐

  9. The Baltimore Orioles are 26-13⚫️🟠⚪️🐧

  10. The orioles are having a beautiful season great win

  11. Honestly the AL East has 5 of the teams in the top 10 in the league. The entire division is over 500. That's just stupid. There are only 4 teams in the entire league, outside of the AL East of course, with a better W/L ratio than the last place team (Red Sox) in the East. Insanity. Baltimore itself is 2nd in win ratio, only behind the 1st place Rays. How messed up is it that the 2nd best team, currently, would have to play in the Wild Card if the season ended tomorrow. Teams with much worse records would be guaranteed a place in the first round. I understand WHY it WAS set up that way, but it's still ridiculous seeing how 3 of the teams in the top 6 in MLB would be subject to the Wild Card or even missing the playoffs entirely.

    Granted, I doubt they all finish the season doing as well as they are now…but Baltimore and Tampa are probably the most likely of the group to stay about where they are currently.

  12. S/o Luther Atkinson his grandson gotta think his gramps cool asf

  13. Yanks gonna take the wind out of Orioles sails when they come to the bronx

  14. Tyler Wells and the pitching staff are beginning to look like 2022 again BUT I need the offense to pick it up.
    These 1-2 run games aren't something to be comfortable about but a win is a WIN

  15. Them bucs don't look so good anymore they will be in last place bye all star break

  16. After just watching the Kings (NBA) revive their organization, I can’t wait to see the Orioles do the same.

  17. Cheapest AL team vs the cheapest NL team…

  18. Wow how many balls off the plate can u get called? That was ridiculous.

  19. Adley had a little slump which is going to happen to young players but he will be a MVP sooner than later mark my word

  20. A fully healthy Tyler Wells is a legit ace.

  21. Thank you Orioles for helping the Brewers increase their lead over the Pirates in our division

  22. Especially enjoyable beating the hated Pirates. Birds are flying.

  23. Blue sold what in this giant green an blue earth was he looking at. Can’t wait for electronic umpires

  24. The 2 strikeout pitches at the end were terrible calls. I am a big orioles fan so I am happy, but come on lol. They really need either a challenge system for pitches or an automated one.

  25. The true pirates shinning through as usual. They will finish in 5th place. The pirates are the worst professional sports team in history. Go away.

  26. Yeah, come in Dodger Stadium now Pittsburgh

  27. I'm an Orioles fan, but the Pirates should have been able to CHALLENGE that last strike on Joe and the strike that ended the game! 😕😕

  28. If we can get consistent pitching from our starters the rest of the season, we can be in contention to win the division. Go O's

  29. Nice to see the Os finally turning it around.

  30. That umpire threw.. like those last few outs man.

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