Pirates vs. Orioles Game Recap (5/12/23) | MLB Highlights | Baltimore Orioles

Cedric Mullins completed the cycle with a clutch homer and Ryan Mountcastle hit a go-ahead single in the Orioles’ 6-3 win vs. the Pirates.

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  1. Orioles Bird Bath Plays Calls:2:373:03Kevin Brown: Mullins, Right Center Field! That Ball is up the alley! That Ball is gonna be extra base, Maybe 3! Cedric loses the helmet, he's gonna go to 3rd, and he's in there! Let's Get Wet! 💦Ben McDonald: There we go!Kevin Brown: The Bird Bath 🦩🚿 is alive! Ben McDonald: Hahahahaha!Kevin Brown: Bring me the coldest water 🌊 in all the land! It's your moment, Mr. Splash!💦3:103:34Kevin Brown: Ryan Mountcastle! High in the air Right Field, Sending Joe into the corner and Connor Joe slides and it's a Fair Ball, he couldn't catch it and Mounty's gonna break it for 3rd! Orioles' 2nd Triple of the Game! Let's Fire Up Again in the Bird Bath 🦩🚿!Ben McDonald: There we go!Kevin Brown: Splish Splash! 💦 A Double Triple Night!Kevin Brown: Now, Do we get another one? Yes! It's the post-review Sprinkler💦5:295:45Kevin Brown: Mullins! Right Field! Base Hit! Extra Base Hit Coming! He's already got one Triple in the game and this time, he hold at 2nd with a Double! And Cedric will start the Sprinkler 💦: In the Dugout and the Bird Bath 🦩 🚿!5:456:06Kevin Brown: Ruthschman! Left Field! That is a Fair Ball! Here comes Mullins to score Adle digging for 2nd! Party On, Bird Bath🦩 🚿! Back-to-Back Doubles! The Orioles have tied it! They're throwing water 🌊 on the field, They're spraying water 🌊 in the stands. Everybody Get Wet! 💦6:386:54Kevin Brown: Owned to Right Field! Mullins! Did he do it?Ben McDonald: Yes!Kevin Brown: Yes! Yes He Did! It's a tsunami! Cedric Mullins completes the cycle and sends Camden Yards into Water World 🌊 🌎!

  2. Really enjoying following the Orioles amazing start to the season, from over here in England. We lived near Baltimore when I was a kid in the '80s, and have had a place in my heart for the O's ever since. They have an incredlble squad this year and great spirit.

  3. Love my O's and Ravens. Mullins is AMAZING and this year is going to be SPECIAL!!!!!!! GO O'S!!!!!!
    Prediction of an O's world series win and a Ravens super bowl win!!!!

  4. All right Orioles! Great momentum for when you face the Titans in London!

  5. Im so hyped! I'm getting '83 vibes from this team.

  6. Congrats to Cedric Mullins on hitting for the cycle. it's a hard feat to accomplish but he earned it. LET'S GO O's!

  7. That’s my team! We got to keep showing the world that we can beat the good teams too.

    Great win! N we got a cycle for tonite! LOVE IT!

  8. Mr. Splash reminds me of when I discovered my left hand when i was like 12 or 13.

  9. As a lifelong fan of the Orioles, I'm so glad to see the stadium full again. This is one of the most beautiful stadiums, it deserves good baseball.

  10. Mateo and Mullins speed and defense up the middle along with their bats are so key to this teams success. The youngters aggressiveness aggressiveness and talent are going to assure a postseason for this team

  11. Mullins having a year so far 💪🏽👏🏽 keep it up O’s

  12. seeing Mateo in 3rd inning convinced me we were going to lose a 1-0 ballgame, and then i remembered we are playing Pittsburgh

  13. I was in the game with my uncle and my cousins and my sister and my dad also!

  14. My fiancé and there were last night for my birthday and let me tell you, the atmosphere in that stadium was electric. Made me so happy to see the team and stadium doing well. Felix walking out from the bullpen was intense. Keep it splashing O’s!!!!!!

  15. Congratulations mullins you tha man!!! Let's go O's!

  16. Resign Mullins, make him retire there. Resign all of them long term. You know when you got something special and everyone's having fun!

  17. As an d Oriole fan relocated. Someone comment on Mr Splash. Is that an Oriole gimmick or did someone just start that themselves? I mean looks like the dude has his one private seat

  18. Good to see a nice crowd at Camden Yards again. This team is awesome

  19. I am so happy for Cedric and my Orioles. Cedric is a leader and plays the game hard, much respect go O's 🧡

  20. I wish there were a way to watch my Os on TV.

  21. Been waiting a looong time for this franchise to get righted. & now It's soo much fun to watch these birds!

  22. Orioles Magic seems to be BACK BABY!!!!!! Bandwagon/Fairweather fans are starting to arrive and I don't even care. Im still loving it!

  23. Really glad the O’s have stuck with Hyde through the tough years so he can be part of this resurgence. So many times teams will hang the manager out to dry as they rebuild and then bring in someone else right when everything comes together.

    Keep it up O’s!!!

  24. I was there for the cycle, that homer was electric!!!

  25. It is so much fun to be an O's fan right now. I didn't even enjoy it this much in the 90's

  26. Orioles fans are a bunch of bandwagon fans. They only come when the team does well. In orioles stadium the stadium is barely filled when the orioles perform horribly. As a cubs fan we have always been there for our team.

  27. What a game for Cedric Mullins, everything just really coming together for us lately. Long season but we will be there at the end this yr. Mullins getting that home run tho is something else, would love to see the yard with some more fans every nite tho. Let's go O's

  28. Great Game O's!!! Cheers to everyone who was there 🍻 People keep dropping the word bang wagon on folks that loved our team but were filled with fustrashion throughout the years. Just keep going to games keep watching at home the guys need our support 🧡

  29. Los Orioles de voltimore sorprenden a cualquiera buen equipo le faltan 2 bates de poder y reforzar el picheo

  30. Imagine getting into baseball ball 3 years ago and sporting the Orioles because of being a 17 year Ravens fan from the UK and learning to love this sport while watching this team grow. Well I don't have to I've done it and even only following this team for only a short time is making me absolutely love baseball more everyday. Baltimore I'm coming and doubling up on Ravens football and orioles baseball going to be a great year in Baltimore.

  31. Was there in attendance in the bleachers, even had Mullins jersey on for his great night. GO O’S!

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