Pirates vs. Phillies Game Highlights (4/12/24) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. Phillies full game highlights from 4/12/24

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  1. Could be worse, could be San Diego's uniforms.

    But I don't get the teams, including the Phillies, that don't even use their team colors at all.

  2. Why when we call these unis "City Connect" uniforms, didn't they see fit to render 5 or 6 uni's and let the city and the fanbase choose what ACTUALLY connects with the city, 'cause these ain't it. Worst uniforms this franchise has ever seen

  3. Gagged on my morning coffee when I watched this… what's with the Phillies wearing sleep wear?

  4. Not a Phillies fan but I like the connect jerseys

  5. Ah yes I hope you go 0-12 in those things.

  6. Brutally ugly uniform , they look like a low-budget softball team

  7. I can’t imagine how bad a 98mph fastball off the wrist would hurt

  8. Compared to the Red Sox light blue and bright yellow unis, the Phil's new duds are gorgeous.

  9. What a terrible game! Phillies need to show up tomorrow!! Glad JT’s not seriously hurt! 🥵🥵🥵

  10. I think those ugly uniforms are cursed for Phillies!!!!

  11. Trea turner is still having bad luck and nick still cannot find is spike!!!

  12. I still think trea becomes a Phillies because he what same exiperes off 2022 worlds series!!!

  13. I hope whenever the Phillies wear those god awful jerseys they lose, start the city connect curse

  14. the Philly unis would be nice but the lettering is awful

  15. Those city connect jerseys are an insult to humanity.

  16. Horrible game which was slightly better than those ugly uniforms.

  17. No poop game? 😮😮😮😮😢😢😢

  18. City Connect uniforms need to go away.just awful

  19. Pirates black and gold bumblebee uniform looks better

  20. Great defense and solid performance by the Pirates pitching, Let´s continue like this, Buccos!!

  21. Ugly uniforms, Phillies.

    Is there a reason why pitiful Castellanos needs to play every day? Better to play Rojas and at least have great CF play than play NC and get lousy defense AND hitting.

  22. These uniforms are like fetch. It's not gonna happen

  23. Whoever designed these uniforms thought they were cooking so hard. Please, never again 🙏 😭

  24. These city connect jerseys🔥👌

  25. Yea those unis ain’t it Philadelphia..

  26. "The Battle of Pennsylvania" between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Philadelphia Phillies. Is it a rivalry game? Was it being played on Friday?

  27. Only thing worse than the City Connect unis is Tom McCarthy.

  28. Dang, too bad those unis appear to be cursed. They're dope af.

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